7 Tips to Satisfy Your Partner During Sex

7 Tips to Satisfy Your Partner During Sex

In these 7 sex tips, know what things to remember while Satisfy Your Partner During Sex – Wife, Girl Friend, Call Girl, or Escort Girl in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Escort share 7 Tips to Satisfy Your Partner during the sex in bedroom. We hope these tips make happy your sexual life with Wife, Girl Friend, Call Girl, or Escort Girl in Chandigarh

7 Tips to Satisfy Your Partner During Sex:

1. Be Loved Her:

If you are married and interest in sexual activities is declining with time, then there is no need to be surprised. According to a new study, domestic disputes within 12 months of married life reduce sexual activities between couples.

2. Foreplay or Role Play:

Foreplay or Role play helps a lot in making boring sex life fun and taking the next level. With this help, you can complete all your sexual fantasies with your partner.

If you and your partner constantly repeat certain sex positions like missionary or simple spawning, it can be very boring for you. You can adopt role play to end it and make your sex fun. This will take your sex life to the next level.

Taking the help of role play in sex can break the boring sex life of both of you. During the role play, you can attack your partner by playing a stranger or a special character. This will give both you and your partner a different and stream experience.

How is Role Play or Foreplay Healthy for Sexual Life?

Being monotonous of sex can be a kind of disaster for your sex life. Therefore, to make your sexual life interesting, they boost it in different ways from time to time. In this, roll play can help you a lot. Role play incorporates a lot of imagination and fantasy in your sex life, so that both of you can enjoy your life together.

We take care of cleanliness, fragrance, etc. but do not take foreplay seriously. Sometimes we take more time in it, sometimes less, which disturbs the coordination and somewhere you are satisfied quickly and somewhere your partner is satisfied quickly. You can also give a massage to the partner for good foreplay.

Improve Your Communication with a Roll Play:

If you both talk openly about what you like while having sex and learn about each other’s needs, then your sexual life will be more interesting. Because communicating without hesitation can increase the mobility in rolling you.

How Often Should Roll Play be Done?

Sometimes having sex with a roll play can be quite healthy. This is the best way to rekindle this passion during sex once in a few weeks. However, too much use of it can also be harmful, because you and your partner have to depend on different personalities during sex. Because the role play can control your mind and play with you.

So, you and your partner can sometimes play roles during sex, but remember not to make role play your habit.

3. Positions:

If you’re bored of trying regular sex positions, especially missionaries, and looking for ways to add spice to your sex life, this article can be very helpful. Here are five sex positions you may not have tried before and will change the way you love.

Enjoy 5 Sex Positions with Partner:

What is your sex position also makes a lot of difference to sex pleasure. If you choose the position just by looking at your comfort, then the partner is not able to support properly and all the pleasure is found in the soil.

1. Dirty Clothes:

Search out of your night room and look for some favorite corners in your home. Dirty Laundry is quite an best position and all you need is a washing machine to have enjoy. The woman sits on the washing machine, wrapping her legs around her as soon as she enters from the front. You can hug, kiss and spend some very erotic time with your partner.

2. Magic Mountain:

Here the two partners are sitting opposite each other, legs folded and bent back on their arms. After this, both partners get very close to each other so that they can contact. There’s nothing sexier than maintaining eye contact while doing karma, right?

3. Lotus Flower:

Here, the man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on his lap with legs wrapped around him. Here, the man works and starts walking slowly. Well, this position lets you make intense eye contact, hug your partner, and even kiss the partner.

4. Tub Fun:

Thinking about destroying and having some extra fun time? Well, step into a tub with your partner (preferably with a glass of wine)! With the woman’s legs hanging out, the man upstairs and water all around, we bet it will set your mood and help you relieve stress.

5. Standing:

You may have heard and tried sex positions, but what will happen by doing the same thing while standing? The woman bends down with her legs outstretched, and the man enters her from behind. The situation provides deep penetration and orgasmic view.

4. Affection:

If you are having sex only as a necessity, it is clearly visible and felt. It is better that when you are in the mood for sex, your limbs are full of enthusiasm, energy and affection, so that the partner feels special.

5. Keep the Body Together:

Many times you are mentally connected during sex but divert attention from physical attachment, which reduces the feeling of pleasure and you keep searching for better sex.

6. Don’t Give up Patience:

To reach the peak, it is important not to give up patience. Sex and patience are related, if you break this harmony, there is regret somewhere, even if you do not describe it.

7 . Watch Porn with Partner:

Start watching with partner, sex life will become fun

People mostly consider as a private thing and like to watch it alone, but this is something that should be seen with a partner. By watching, you can learn a lot and try it with your partner.

Have you ever thought about watching with your partner? Probably not. This is because watching has always been seen as something that people secretly watch for personal enjoyment. But do you know that watching with a partner can be very interesting?

It can increase your sexual feeling. Here we are telling some ways in which you can take your sex life up a notch by watching with your partner.

Watching together sets the mind of both of you. If a partner does not want sex, then you can watch together. It will give both of you the same feeling and you can play with each other.

Watching gives you and your partner a chance to foreplay as much as possible. Start with a kiss to create a mood while watching and then you can start fore ploy with hugging and touching each other. While watching, you can also learn by watching many best ways to foreplay.

films get to see a lot of creative ideas when it comes to scripting role play. You and your partner can take inspiration from it and incorporate it into your own life. Start with the basics of sex and take it to a higher level. By watching, you can complete your sex fantasy by playing many types of roles. It will definitely enhance your sex life.

Final Words:

I hope these 7 tips to make happy your sexual life with your partner.

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