Women’s summer wedge trends

Women's summer wedge trends

Want to invest in the perfect pair (or two!) Of beautiful and trendy summer weddings? Here are some guides to help you on your shoe buying journey. Check out these top 5 trends in women’s weddings to find the look that’s right for you!


It is a well-known fact that this .tut has a metallic melody. Gold, copper and pewter shades are ubiquitous in the fashion shoe industry, and women’s wedges are no exception. These versatile metallic colours capture light in amazing ways, giving your shoes shine and lustre, perfect for summer style. And needless to say, they fit well in your closet, everything from cute and cheeky sundresses to casual jeans.


Want to push the boundaries and improve your style? Think of another great summer trend and create a pair of platform wedges. If you want to add as much height as you can see, you can use platform wedges. These types of wedges are ideal for summer parties such as family barbecues and graduation celebrations. You can dramatically increase your height throughout the night without worrying about it. One of the most popular styles is Bushnell with surprisingly comfortable wedges, extended slingback straps for a proper fit, and opal legs that comfortably wrap your feet.


If you plan to spend the summer with your friends in the pool or outdoor barbecue, you are probably looking for nice and casual shoes to wear sandals. And if lace sandals suppose to go with your summer, why not think of them as wedge-shaped variants? Sandal wedges are a great way to decorate your summer look and add height and fashion to your already classic seasonal style. Slip-on platform wedges can give great height, but box-up sandal wedges like exons pair with perfectly casual outdoor wear like cut-off shorts and light T-shirts.

Sporty style

Athletes have become a big trend in recent years, and their sporty and chic style has been a big hit in the shoe industry. A major feature of sporty shoes is their comfortable function. They are really ready for a walk! And if the sporting style is yours, consider a summer wedge that has these same comfort features. Look for styles with low wedges, easily adjustable straps and a rubber sole that provides traction.

Metal details

Want to wear little unique shoes? If so, you should not ignore the details of your next summer wedding. This season, metal elements and ornaments such as grommets, buckles and studs are all raging. Such small details can add a chic and trendy look to your footwear.

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Fashion trends men should try this year

Like women, men are a little more shepherds in terms of trends and fashion. In fact, men tend to stick to timeless fashion, such as torn jeans and plain clothes. So, without any further effort, here are some fashion trends that men should try, at least this year.

Coloured cloth

A little caution requires for boys who are accustomed to wearing black, white and grey clothes. It’s scary to wear colourful clothes. There are stigmas that exaggerate from a fashion point of view or usually look like a rainbow. But the strategy here is to gradually incorporate colourful fabrics into your wardrobe. Pair it with a colourful tie, magenta shirt, and your favourite dark.

Retro sportswear

Fashion generally tends to come back at certain times. However, this time it is different. Even if retro fashion is back, it’s updating more modernly. Point-to-point retro sportswear. Giant brands such as Fira, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger worry about the trend and achieve tremendous sales results.

It can also use for boys’ clothes. No other modern frog can beat wearing an explosion from the past. As effective as modern shoes and clothes, but with its classic charm, it seems to love by everyone today. Can I wear it outside the gym or after a training session? 


 Loose sweat and high-cut hard shoes have been around for a long time. Brands like Adidas are at the forefront of athleisure wear, shoes and clothing that are not only technologically advanced and comfortable enough for sports and training, but also good enough for everyday wear (even on the catwalk). 

vertical stripes

The plain primary colours are perfect for shirts, pants and suits. But you have to live a little dangerous life. It looks too exaggerated, but you end up wearing striped clothing, not just tops.  To be honest, vertical stripes make any man look more beautiful, regardless of body shape or appearance. You can choose the thickness of the ribbon to emphasize the effect.

Finally, don’t forget to wear with confidence no matter what trend you are wearing. And that work is half done.

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The overall trend in 2014 on how young people spend money is athleisure and “athlete” wear, comfortable and stylish clothing that can be worn for athleisure and leisure activities. Consider athleisure shorts on jeans and sneakers on harbour workers. 

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