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If one visits Karol Bagh (Delhi) & Mukherjee Nagar (Delhi), one may witness the crowd of UPSC aspirants. These CSE aspirants enable these two Places in Delhi to be a hub for CSE Preparation. There is No Doubt that Delhi has Good IAS Coaching Institutes and Excellent faculties in addition to the ambiance that it provides.

The specific location and its ambiance have their own advantages as our stimulus response to the external environment varies from one situation to another. If you go to a temple its ambiance would be different than that of a Meat shop. The ambiance of the Temple would give you Peace of Mind. At Temple People assemble together and Pray to GOD on the other hand the ambiance at Butcher’s shop would have negative vibes as animals or birds are being killed. Just visit these two places and experience your stimulus-response.


There are various UPSC Coaching in Delhi. Each coaching Institute claims the IAS Coaching for UPSC CSE Preparation. This puts students in a dilemma about which coaching they should enroll in. It is really difficult for students to select the right coaching Institute. Before discussing how to select the right Coaching, let us discuss first the Importance of Coaching in UPSC CSE Preparation.


In the year 2019 I went to IIT – Gandhinagar, Gujarat as we scheduled one seminar pertaining to UPSC CSE Aspirants. The speaker was an IRS. During the seminar One student asked him, Sir, is it inevitable to enroll in Coaching in order to Qualify for UPSC CSE? I will quote his reply, he said not inevitable if you have someone in your family who can guide you and keep motivating you throughout the preparation for this Exam. The Syllabus is so vast and comprehensive that student needs Proper guidance under the right Mentor.

The role of coaching is not merely confined to teaching only rather evaluating your gradual progress and keep motivating you so that you give your 100 %. One need not search for what to Read & were to read. These are the Jobs of Coaching Institutions and your Job is to STUDY with devotion only.

Once you join any Coaching You must have faith in the Coaching and all the faculty members. Do whatever sorts of inquiries at different Institutions but once enrolled in coaching do not have any doubt in MIND.

At last, I would like to mention that even Arjun, a great warrior required Guidance from Shree Krishna. Had Shree Krishna not guided him the result of Mahabharata would have been different as Arjun initially put his bows & arrows in Chariot and said to Shri Krishna that he did not want to fight the battle. His decision not to fight the battle may be because of his ignorance and impurities of Mind. Although Arjun was a great warrior still Guidance was inevitable for him to be victorious in the battle of Mahabharata.

So irrespective of their intelligence, UPSC CSE Aspirants need guidance from a Good Mentor in order to become successful in the Examination of UPSC CSE.


Let me share some key aspects that students must enquire about while visiting coaching in Delhi in order to select good coaching for them.

Do You Know in Reputed World class Institutions one of the significant parameters for being listed in top-notch Institutes is the student- Teacher ratio? It refers to the number of students per Faculty. This ratio should be optimum. In some coaching Institutes, the class strength is 250 – 400. Please calculate this Student- Teacher Ratio. Can you put these coaching Institutes in Good Ranking??

Healthy Interactive discussion would be missing due to the huge class size and a fixed duration of 2hrs 30 minutes. One may not get his doubts clear if not interacting with the faculty.

Some other parameters that should be noticed before enrolments include – Faculty Experience, duration of completion of syllabus, Mentor Support, Test series to evaluate students & others.

If someone has qualified for this Exam then it means he has gradually improved himself over a period of time as per the expectation of UPSC. In order to have gradual improvement, one must know one’s weaknesses and then strive to eradicate these weaknesses with the help of a Right Mentor. If you have not visited GS SCORE you may plan to visit it for inquiry pertaining to courses offered at Institute, where there is optimum class strength and each student is nurtured under the guidance of M.K Jha Sir. Here Student has the opportunity to interact with the faculty as the class strength is optimum.


If it is not possible for someone to come to Delhi for Civil services Preparation due to any reason (maybe in Job, or family issue), one may enroll for Live / Online classes. People have qualified for this Exam with their Preparation through live/online mode. But if someone is not in Job, and do not have any family issue; one may plan for Offline classes in Delhi.

We witness, during the Pandemic of COVID students do not have the choice of offline classes. The only option was Live / Online classes. When one plans to prepare through Live / Online Classes one must have self-discipline. Today many coaching is providing Live / Online classes. One must clarify oneself the mode of discussion the Institute Provides. For example, some Institutes do not provide live Interaction of students with Faculty. The students are advised to ask their doubts after classes. Under online classes, the classes may be live or recorded. Few students think both are the same but that is not the case.


UPSC CSE is held every year to recruit for All India Services & other allied services. This Exam has three stages – Prelims, Mains & followed by Interviews. One of the common aspects among all the three stages is Current Affairs. From Prelims to Mains and subsequently, to Interview the significance of Current Affairs cannot be undermined.

UPSC CSE Prelims Exam has two Papers: General Studies & CSAT

In General Studies, the total number of Question would be 100 and each Question carry 2 marks. The marks secured in this GS Paper determine whether one is Qualified for stage 2 i.e., UPSC Mains, or not.

CSAT is merely qualifying and marks secured are not considered for qualifying in Mains. The total number of Questions is 80. Each Question carries 2.5 marks mounting to full marks of 200. In order to Qualify for CSAT, one must secure 33 % marks or 66 marks.

There is a negative marking of 1/3 applicable to both Papers GS & CSAT.

Please note UPSC Prelims Exam has the objective to eliminate nonserious candidates and filter the serious aspirants for the second stage i.e., UPSC Mains.

Stage II: UPSC Mains:

Under Mains, the objective of UPSC is to check whether the candidate is aware of the subject matter or not, his thought process, analytical skills, and proper articulation way of writing answers.

Paper Subject Duration Total marks
Paper A Compulsory Indian language 3 hours 300 (Qualifying)
Paper B English 3 hours 300 (Qualifying)
Paper I Essay 3 hours 250
Paper II General Studies I – Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the World & Society 3 hours 250
Paper III General Studies II – Governance, Constitution, Welfare Initiatives, Social Justice & International Relations 3 hours 250
Paper IV General Studies III – Technology, Economic Development, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Security & Disaster Management 3 hours 250
Paper V General Studies IV – Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude 3 hours 250
Paper VI Optional Subject – Paper I 3 hours 250
Paper VII Optional Subject – Paper II 3 hours 250


UPSC Syllabus does not define itself. Kindly refer to the microanalysis of the UPSC syllabus provided at the Coaching Institutes. One may visit the GS SCORE website for the same and go through the microanalysis of the syllabus. This will help students in deciding the boundary of Information and its depth.


This is the last stage of the UPSC CSE Exam. The maximum mark allotted for the Interview is 275 marks. Through Interviews, UPSC judges one’s overall Personality. The way the student responds to the answer is in fact what he is inside. The Panel members are experts and they observe the student in the Interview Process very comprehensively. One cannot make the Board fool.

Also, Personality development cannot be done in 1 or 2 months rather it requires much time. Although it is the last stage of the Exam, one must start its preparation with the preparation of Prelims.

Now we have discussed the above UPSC CSE examination and its different stages, UPSC CSE coaching in Delhi, Live / Online classes, Best UPSC Coaching, and Parameters to select the right coaching for oneself. Still, one thing I have left and did not mention is whether one will definitely qualify for UPSC CSE if one enrolls oneself in coaching at Delhi. Please note merely enrolling in coaching will not suffice for the purpose. There must be zeal inside to crack this exam. The flame must be kept burning till one qualify this Exam under the right guidance.

More than 1500 thoughts arise in our minds every hour. So; one can calculate the number of thoughts that arise in one mind in one day, in one year. These thoughts are so subtle but at the same time, these subtle thoughts are immensely powerful. If one picks up Right and Positive thoughts it will definitely help one in whatever task one wishes to accomplish. So, be positive while preparing for this reputed Examination of UPSC CSE.

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All the Best!!!


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