Why You Should Be Cooking With Bio Ethanol Fires

bio ethanol

Cooking With Ethanol

Ethanol burns slowly, steadily, and with a barely visible flame. Because of the volatile nature of the ethanol vapor-air combination at certain concentrations, as well as the likelihood of evaporation, ethanol should be kept in closed containers and bottles. When filling Bio Ethanol Stove in the home, care must be taken to completely extinguish the Bio Ethanol Fires since the flame is difficult to notice.

Ethanol gel, often known as gel fuel, is created by combining ethanol with a thickening agent to make it viscous and simpler to handle as a fuel. The viscous nature of gel fuel, on the other hand, allows it to attach to most surfaces, including clothes and skin. Traditional techniques of extinguishing these flames, such as stop, drop, and roll, will not work. Use a dry chemical extinguisher or baking soda to put out the flames.

What are the advantages of Bio Ethanol Stove?

As an alternative to traditional fire sources, Bio Ethanol Fires have several advantages, but here are the key ones:


The first and most evident advantage of utilizing a Bio Ethanol Fires is far more environmentally friendly than a typical fossil fuel fire. Due to the fuel being plant-based, the flames burn cleanly and do not emit dangerous elements into the atmosphere.

There Is No Need For Gas Or Power

Because these flames operate only on bio ethanol fuel, there is no need for additional power or fuel sources such as gas or electricity, which helps minimize expenses and keeps things refreshingly simple.

Simple To Set Up

If you’ve browsed through our selection of Bio Ethanol fireplaces, you’ve probably noticed that one crucial component of a typical fireplace is missing: the flue. Bio Ethanol Fires do not need a chimney because the fuel burns cleanly and produces no smoke or fumes. As a result, they are exceedingly simple to install and considerably more versatile in where they may put them.

Fashionable & Modern

Bio Ethanol Flames are available in a wide variety of sleek, attractive, and modern forms because of the absence of limits on location and design. The contemporary appearance of Bio Ethanol Fires places is a breath of fresh air for modern interior design, making them ideal for anybody seeking something a bit different for their home or garden. You can buy Bio Ethanol Fires at affordable price in Ireland.

Adaptable & Efficient

Bio Ethanol Fires can efficiently and effectively heat big rooms. The output can be regulated in most indoor fire designs using a slider on the fuel box (note, not all designs carry this feature). That may be set to open, half-open, or 14 open, affecting how much fuel is consumed, how long the fuel lasts, and the amount of flame output.

A Welcoming Atmosphere Is Given with Laois Stone Stoves

When you add a bioethanol fire to your house, you will create an air of warmth and charm. Then, why not add coziness to your area with a comfortable recliner or couch, plush accessories like blankets, or even insulating floors like carpets? We offer all you need at Laois to enjoy maximum relaxation at home.


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