Why Use Laravel in 2022?

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The software development industry is growing extremely important in practically every sector in the world. Choosing an excellent web development framework to develop high-performing applications is difficult with an expanding variety of frameworks and programming languages. Laravel, a well-known open-source framework, offers a plethora of fantastic options and capabilities for constructing complex apps more quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to understand everything there is to know about Laravel and why it is used in 2022.


Laravel has acquired consistent popularity in constructing innovative web apps in this rapidly evolving technical field over the last few years. it provides elegant features that cover all areas of everyday use cases, and you may enjoy a fully satisfying creative experience. Without a question, it is the best PHP framework for developing strong online applications.

Let’s talk about the importance of the Laravel PHP framework for web development.

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Why Should You Use the Laravel Framework for Web Development?

it offers a wide range of security options that enable you to eliminate Laravel risks in your application. Another reason to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks is its simplicity of integration with a valid credential form or an AJAX call.

It maintains its Level of credibility as the top PHP framework due to its use, simplicity, and clarity. It is feasible to construct applications quickly since Laravel has a caching system that keeps several cached items.

Additionally, it can customize online apps for enterprises all over the world using perfect syntax and best coding techniques. It reduces development time and increases coding efficiency.

Laravel is the only framework capable of managing everything from a single database to innovative HTML generation. it includes a robust full-stack model that will certainly assist developers. it is the best PHP framework for developers because of its expressiveness and beautiful syntax.

Advantages of the Laravel Framework:

1. Development of Authentication and Authorization Systems

Laravel configures everything perfectly. It easily and securely implements authentication and authorization processes. Laravel development services allows for easy control of its resources and the architecture of authentication logic. This allows Lahttps://www.urvam.com/laravel-development-services.htmlravel site owners to significantly simplify authentication. Laravel is furthermore known as the PHP authentication framework.

2. Connectivity with Mail Services

A modern web framework is useless if it does not support mail integration. Can you imagine registering for a new account with a service and not receiving an email about that? No, no, no! Every key activity/action of the user should be notified by email via the web app. Laravel includes the ‘Swiftmailer’ package, which allows for simple API setups for specific email accounts.

It also includes certain drivers that enable fast message delivery via cloud-based or local services. SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function, and “Sendmail” are examples of drivers.

3. Fixing Technical Weaknesses

Every time there is a codebase, the security risk increases at the same time. Laravel protects an online application from serious security vulnerabilities like as cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and others. In this regard, the Laravel framework is far ahead of other PHP frameworks due to its extremely advanced codebase.

4. URL Routing Configuration

URL routing refers to showing the contents of a link within the current webpage rather than diverting to the link. As a result, the Laravel user does not have to wait for the page to load. Laravel features a built-in file configuration that is immediately loaded with the framework to solve this, and it elegantly defines accessible and identifiable routes.

5. Difference between “Business Logic Code” and “Presentation Code”

Laravel complies to the Model View Controller MVC design, which assures integrity between business logic and application display. Laravel is the greatest PHP framework for web applications because of its capability.

6. Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM features a great syntax that makes it easy for users to work with database objects and relationships. It employs industry-standard conventions, resulting in fewer configurations.

7. Message Queue System

When a web-server receives a request in a typical synchronized workflow, it performs the work order and then returns a response to the request. However, most of the time the server must run the requests in the background. As a result, the user does not have to wait for a response. Laravel handles this with an in-built queue system and a simple API that allows you to run tasks in the background.

8. Scheduling Tasks Configuration And Management

it allows you to define custom scheduled tasks, so you don’t have to set them up at the system level. The Laravel Cron Job is an in-built task manager for your application, and Laravel’s scheduling capability enables you to create user-friendly scheduled tasks. You might not even stick to the Cron Job syntax.

9. IoC Container

The Laravel framework’s IoC Container maintains and manages class dependencies. It has the capability of automatically resolving classes without any configuration.

Top 12 Features of Laravel

The PHP Laravel framework has many distinctive properties that make it the best PHP MVC framework. Let us learn more about them.

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1. Template Engine: 

When compared to other frameworks, Laravel Framework is mostly used for its integrated and lightweight template. The Laravel Framework allows you to create attractive layouts with dynamic content. it includes a number of widgets in addition to CSS and JS code.

2. Artisan:

The Laravel framework includes a command-line tool called Artisan that improves performance by automating tedious tasks. Most developers avoid repetitive programming jobs to the extent possible. Artisan frameworks are primarily used for developing database structures using skeleton code generated by migration.

3. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping):

The Eloquent ORM, including the PHP Active Record implementation, is supported by the Laravel Framework. Instead of writing SQL code, Laravel Framework allows web app developers to use PHP syntax.

4. Libraries & Modularity:

PHP Laravel includes a large number of Object-Oriented libraries as well as other pre-installed libraries. An identification library is one of the greatest libraries that is enabled with simple-to-implement features, as well as many new ones, such as:

  • Checking active users
  • Bcrypt hashing
  • Password reset
  • CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection
  • Encryption

5. MVC Architecture Support:

The MVC pattern in the Laravel framework mainly guarantees that presentation and logic are clear and efficient. MVC Architecture helps to boost productivity while also allowing for greater documentation.

6. Reverse Routing:

The interaction between routes and links is known as Reverse routing, which differentiates the PHP Laravel framework by allowing later modifications to be automatically communicated as appropriate links.

7. Database Seeding:

It offers a one-of-a-kind technique of filling database tables with the selected standard data used during application testing.

8. Application Logic:
The PHP Laravel Framework’s application logic is an essential component of built applications, and it is generally implemented using control systems based on route declarations. The Sinatra framework’s syntax controls the application logic.

9. Validation:

The Laravel framework’s validation uses a ValidationRequest trait by default to manage HTTP requests. It examines the session data for problems and offers views if they are accessible.

Laravel’s validation rules are as follows:

laravel validation rules

10. File System:

Laravel supports multiple file systems, including cloud-based and local file systems such as Amazon S3. You can edit the options in the config/filesystems.php file to meet your specific requirements.

11. Migration System:

Laravel, like Ruby on Rails, includes a migration system for developing database structures. Instead of using SQL, it is preferable to use the PHP language to write a migration to create your database structure.

Migrations can be used to develop indices, tables, and databases. To modify a table column, simply execute a new migration instead of re-creating the table.

12. Localization:

Develop a multilingual application along your application. Using the trans() utility, it allows you to access strings in several languages.

Popular Laravel Combinations

The combined power of two frameworks unlocks the potential to develop visually impressive online apps. Let’s go over the greatest Laravel combos for getting extraordinary results.

1. Vuejs and Laravel

Laravel with Vue js can help you take your app development to the next level. Laravel+Vuejs may provide you with the benefits of both frameworks combined.

Laravel can ease the development process by automating tasks like authentication, navigation, sessions, and caching. Vue.JS, on the other hand, may provide a more rich and engaging experience.

Here are the top three advantages of combining Laravel and Vuejs.

a) Frontend is King: VueJS enables Laravel developers to build frontends without requiring page reloads whenever the application is updated.

b) Effective for Update Handling: The virtual DOM in Vuejs helps in immediately responding to pages, and web performance remains unaffected even when load increases.

c) Brief Learning Curve: The integrated solution of Laravel with Vue is simple to understand, and this combo works perfectly when developing apps.

2. Laravel and Angular

When Laravel and AngularJS are integrated, developing applications becomes comparatively simpler. There is a perception of satisfaction in making the effort of page loading for progress tracking.

Enhanced performance: The collaborative effect of AngularJS and Laravel results in faster performance because there is no need to load the complete page while ajaxing back to the server. Rather, only the components required.

More Responsive: AngularJS and Laravel work together to improve application responsiveness by providing immediate response to the user. For example, as a user is filling out a form, a developer can verify to see if the user’s input is genuine and provide rapid feedback.

Easy development: One of the most popular combinations to use is Angular for the frontend and Laravel for the backend due to their soothing characteristics. JSON makes jobs like mobile app development easy because the back-end just produces and consumes data in JSON format.

Why Should You Use Laravel for Enterprise Web Applications?

The most recent business applications and modern businesses are continually looking for more efficiency and proficiency. To create the best web application for businesses, the appropriate combination of features, technology, and implementation is required.

Here are the top three reasons why Laravel is appropriate for enterprise-level online projects.

  • Laravel queues provide a central API for many queue backends as well as a relational database.
  • it performs web service and handles class dependencies effectively.
  • it events allow you to establish an observer to help you subscribe to any event that occurs in your application.

One of the most important characteristics of Laravel is its user-friendliness, which increases the scalability of your site as it expands.

When it comes to dealing with the application’s domain problem, the framework issue is of the utmost importance. it is capable of connecting a large-scale application with a million views. You can utilize a variety of things to secure your application.

laravel use for enterprise development

  • When using a cache or session driver, it is best to use Memcached or Redis. In the case of Laravel, you must use route: cache and configure: cache. Additionally, ensure that you are working on composition unload.
  • Separate your database from the web server. It is useful to add another server when scaling.

Future Development of Laravel in 2022 and the Coming Years

The Laravel PHP framework can provide compelling route definition methods. It automatically loads all of the routes defined in the PHP file as app/HTTP/routes, which speeds up the process.

Laravel’s built-in library provides support for a variety of influential log handlers. Using cloud-based services such as SparPost, Amazon SES, and Mandril, it is simple to send emails without spending time.

Routing services that adapt for the evolution of laravel apps make maintenance and deployment appear natural. it simplifies testing to encourage user activity by using several application outputs.

When an authorization request is rejected, it is now simpler to offer custom messages thanks to a new function introduced by Laravel’s out-of-the-box code, Gate:: inspect.

There are numerous ways to access relational databases, despite the fact that many factors emphasize the significance of app development in 2022.

Here are some fantastic features that will help you decide why Laravel is the most popular PHP framework in the developer community:

  • One of the most useful features of the Laravel framework is the inversion of IoC.
  • it allows you to develop authentic application features required for full-fledged security modules to be activated.
  • it cache speeds up the retrieval of user-related data from all view routes.
  • it routing may be used to generate search engine friendly websites.
  • it provides a number of modules that help with the creation of complicated and massive applications.
  • it’s artisan tools enable you to conduct iterative operations.
  • it may be used to develop extremely secure web apps.

Wrapping Up

The reasons for using Laravel as the best web development framework are ultimately apparent. It accelerates and improves the process of developing attractive websites. it will meet all of your needs regardless matter whether you are a startup or an established company.

Contact the top Development business to work with you remotely if you’re unsure how to begin the process. Adding to your current team is another option.

Our skilled Laravel developers at Urvam offer in-depth knowledge and significant experience. Hire developers from us to incorporate seasoned and experienced developers into your current team for producing top web solutions with the high accuracy. To quickly access 40+ of the best developers with a wide range of specific skills, get in touch with us today.


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