Why Should You Choose Shopify For Your Next eCommerce Store?


Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms that monopolize the eCommerce platform. And this could be the main reason why people seek to hire Shopify website developers for their online store.

A report by Statista says people using online services are expected to increase to over 2.14 billion globally in 2021. So, we need a robust marketing strategy for eCommerce websites. Shopify is used in 175 countries by 1 million businesses.

The success of Shopify is easy to understand by its user’s stories. And this is one of the reasons why eCommerce store owners are selecting the Shopify platform.

Here, we walk you through the reasons for choosing Shopify for your next tool for eCommerce website.


Why Choose Shopify For an eCommerce Business?

There are numerous eCommerce platforms serving eCommerce business owners. One of the best known is Shopify. It’s feasible for startups as well as established international brands.

Diverse store

Just like Google Play and iOS, Shopify holds a diverse app store. It has more than 1,400 paid as well as free apps. Shopify is specially designed to enhance the functionality of a website. Some tools are shipping, cover reporting, customer service, social media, stock alerts, and much more.

The biggest strength of Shopify is its flexibility. Here you can handle online payments as well as build an online store. At last, you are free to choose one with an appropriate tool for your own business. You don’t need to get tensed regarding compatibility issues. If still you find it complex, hire Shopify design and development services.

SEO Benefits

The effectiveness of SEO on Shopify is a blend of the versatility of the software itself, connected with the SEO and marketing knowledge of the individual operating on the website.

It provides you with excellent SEO functionality available, giving you the capability to add necessary tags, edit meta tags, and place products, descriptions, and collections in an SEO is helpful in the browser. It is easy to hire Shopify theme developers for your website.

Easy To Set Up

Expert developers have created a platform that is trustworthy and well-organized. Doubtlessly, it’s one of the top-rated and easily set up eCommerce platforms. Shopify makes it easier to operate an online store without any problem. Furthermore, it helps to lower the stress of website owners to make online shopping feasible and face complexities.

Sell Across Different Channels

Shopify is a platform that enables easy selling across many platforms and channels. It allows selling products through Facebook by using Shopify Facebook App. Furthermore, they provide the ability to sell on different platforms, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Wanelo, and Houze. It is important for online stores to grow sales numbers and increase audience reach. To improve the appearance of your website, you can hire Shopify theme developers.

Shopify Plans

Now, we would love to describe to you the Shopify pricing plan. There are 4 Shopify plans available for users. They are Basic plan, Shopify plan, advanced, and Shopify Plus. Let’s have a look!

Basic Shopify

The basic plan of  Shopify lets you sell numerous products at $29 monthly. Well, it’s a cost-effective solution when you want to sell unlimited online products. But it has some features such as abandoned or reports cart recovery are not included, although phone support is a part of “Basic” plan.

Advanced Shopify

It is very expensive, with the price of $299 per month however has fewer attached benefits. It includes shipping handled by a third party, and the credit card payment rate is the lowest. Furthermore, it has an advanced report builder and allows the customization of professional reports.

The ‘Shopify’ Plan

The cost of the Shopify plan is $50 per month and comes with the advantages of a host of added features. Also, the credit card payments rate is lower. Furthermore, professional reports offer insight into your eCommerce store, making business planning and analysis easier.

Shopify Plus

It is a solution for businesses with a requirement for an eCommerce program that they can build with them. The price starts from $2000 for 30 days. Obviously, it is the most expensive one, but with more features. It allows you to enjoy an expert and skilled 24-hour customer support team. They help in the site launch of customers. Also, Shopify design and development will assist you in every possible way.

 Final Verdict

In conclusion, Shopify is one of the greatest platforms for established businesses alike. The Shopify platform offers security, flexibility, support, return on investment, and efficiencies.

With the best features, Shopify emerges as the topmost choice for eCommerce stores. You can hire a Shopify website developer for the betterment of the online store.

So, if you are planning to start an online store, it’s high time to invest in Shopify design and development services.


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