Why join YouTube Premium: in 5 minutes


Welcome to our blog, in this article we will talk about the YouTube Premium apk. Know that this version of the platform is paid, but thanks to this it offers unique and constantly evolving services.

Thanks to this excellent tool you will be able to exploit all the potential that Google makes available on the platform, which has been around the world for years now.

Along with YouTube Music, the YouTube Music Premium apk was also launched in 2018, an ideal solution for fans of streaming music, but if you are here it is because you do not know all the advantages that YouTube Premium.

Furthermore, being aware of the fact that the service is paid, you will often skip the advertisements. But if you still want to have more information, this guide is the one for you.

First of all, know that these are not disproportionate figures, which is why you might think about opting for a monthly subscription or free trial to take advantage of the platform to 100%. You will be shocked at how many features are made available to the user.

What is YouTube Premium how much does it cost

In addition, the family package is also made available for all families who keep up with the times.

YouTube Music Premium apk 1

In this article we will talk about what YouTube Premium is and exactly how much it costs, all the services it offers. We will also see how to make the most of the ability to watch movies on the platform. Finally, we will compare the social network with its more established rivals such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We just have to wish you a good reading and we hope you find this guide interesting.

As we have anticipated YouTube Premium Apk is a subscription service that simply costs € 11.99 per month and which gives the subscriber the possibility to take advantage of multiple services.

Furthermore, if you want to allow your whole family to use YouTube Premium, just choose the Family Pack at a cost of € 14.99 per month. The service will give access to a maximum of 6 Premium accounts, the important thing is that the users are resident in the same home.

It is not an exorbitant figure but it is not even a little nowadays let’s face it. But YouTube Premium allows you to use truly exceptional features that go beyond just streaming.

Now let’s see what are the services that make this platform unique of its kind. 

First of all, thanks to YouTube Premium you will not be forced to see advertising, moreover you will be able to legally download all the videos on the platform and watch them offline or if you are without a connection.

Furthermore, after countless requests, the possibility of watching videos in the background, from smartphones and tablets was also introduced.

The requests have arrived because the subscription also includes YouTube Premium Apk specific for music and YouTube Original which gives access to TV series, documentaries and films.

YouTube Premium compatibility

The platform had to comply with user requests because many of them could not listen to music in the background. In fact, it is usual to listen to music while doing something like a sport or work activity.

YouTube Music Premium

A small note on YouTube Original. At the moment it does not have TV series or films available in Italian, even if Google is trying to reach new horizons and be able to measure itself with competitors such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The advantage of YouTube Premium is that it can be used on any platform. The Premium services will obviously be activated and ready to be used only after subscribing.

To access from a PC, just go to the YouTube Premium apk site from any browser you prefer such as: Chrome, Mozilla and many others, access or subscribe. But also from any Windows, macOS, Linux device and so on, it is possible to access the tool.

Android e iOS

Same thing for smartphones that Android or iOS makes no difference, for mobile devices it is also possible to download the convenient app available in the stores. Here, too, you just need to log in or choose the monthly subscription and enjoy all the features of YouTube Premium.

As for the YouTube Music Premium apk extension, included in the YouTube Premium apk subscription, you will need to access a different address on the PC and download the appropriate application for mobile devices. But even here the login procedure remains the same.

YouTube Premium apk

From this small analysis we can therefore deduce that there are no platform or compatibility limits for YouTube Premium and this is certainly what makes the service unique. Also available for all devices where you can download applications such as smart TVs and game consoles such as Playstation 3/4, Xbox One and Wii U.

However, the advantages offered by YouTube Premium do not end there, because thanks to this tool you can also watch movies and TV series. Let’s go now to better analyze this social network that never stops evolving and distinguishing itself.

YouTube Premium to watch movies

If you are looking for a way to watch movies without too much hassle, you can safely rely on YouTube Premium. The library of the social network is very large and it is also possible to access specific channels for the great classics, which do not infringe copyright in any way.

As you will have read in one of our articles, YouTube is the most used streaming platform in the world, in fact millions of users post hundreds of videos a day on their channels, sharing them with the rest of the world.

If you think about it too, you use it daily to see the music videos of your favorite artists or watch the funny videos that are posted by YouTubers. In addition, this platform offers the possibility to watch and create compilations of funny memes, video recipes, tutorials and many more. 

But few people are aware of the fact that YouTube allows you to watch movies completely for free. And it is true that movies can now be bought or rented like the good old Blockbuster but it is very different from having a huge choice of free movies to watch.

All this can be done in total legality without violating any law. This is because YouTube has acquired the rights to disclose the films on the web. Obviously YouTube’s income in this case comes from advertisements and voluntary user support.

Let’s go now to see what types of movies you can find then on YouTube Premium apk since it is possible to find many for free. We will also give you advice in choosing the channel to choose.


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