Why is it important to carry out a 3 phase inspection for your property?


When it comes to constructing a new building, it is always a good idea to carry out a phase inspection. Given the recent tragic collapse of a high-rise Condo in Florida, several cities have carried out changes to their building inspection process. But in case you are wondering what the three-phase inspection is all about, you may want to read on.

To understand the integrity of a structure and for safeguarding the tenants of a building inspectors are hired to carry out a 3 phase inspection in Houston. As a result, inspectors monitor almost all types of construction as well as remodeling, in and out of Houston, and this process is bound to be time-consuming. Of course, you are bound to wonder as to whether a phase inspection is necessary or important. And apart from the Florida Condo collapse, here’s why:

  • A phase inspection is important, whether it is phase 1, Phase 2, or phase 3, they are all equally essential and these can help save you money and trim your budget as well. A phase 1 inspection will help inspect the integrity of your construction before it is built on. This will enable you to avoid costly expenses later on. A Phase 2 inspection will help determine the integrity of the structure, and help you assess any fault lines that appear, and enable you to address the same, right away. A Phase three inspection will inspect the building, after the construction has been completed, to ensure that it meets the required guidelines and can be considered to be safe. Some faults may not appear until all the construction has been completed, which is why it is important to go in for a 3 phase inspection these days.
  • Let your builder know: Once your builder knows that a 3rd party will be inspecting the building every step of the way, they’ll be on their toes. They’ll ensure that everything from the floor plan to the overall design is perfect and that there are no glitches in the entire process.
  • Different from a code inspection: You need to ensure that your builder knows that a home inspection is realms apart from a simple code inspection. While a code inspection does check out the building for certain violations, they are not as detailed or thorough as a home inspection.
  • Reduce liability: Every homeowner would love to have their liabilities reduced. And a home inspection is one sure-fire way to go about it. After all, why should you have to pay for an expensive mistake, that’s predominantly the builder’s fault? If you avoid any home inspection before construction, then you may notice that various issues are creeping up, as in how there’s no allocation made for electrical or sewage outlets, pipes in the floor plan, or how the tiles have not been fixed properly. To fix them post-construction is bound to be expensive, which is all the more reason that you carry out a home inspection, ahead of schedule.
  • Up-sell your new home: Once you have carried out the home inspection, and the construction is perfect, you can now up-sell your new home, for a neat profit. Just remember that the buyer may even hire a home inspector, to ensure that the building has been constructed as per guidelines and that they’re no outstanding issues.

These are the reasons why it is important to carry out a home inspection in time and ahead of schedule.


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