Why Does Someone Sell Their House With Cash?

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Speed, comfort, peace of mind, and the top financial motivation in the list of reasons that more and more sellers turn to cash home buyers near your area, said Van Soest. This way of motivation can apply to your situation.


  • You move to work and have to be there on a certain date.
  • You prefer not to deal with low assessment risks.
  • You don’t have time to hire a contractor and make big repairs.
  • You are nervous to accept offers with a lot of contingencies.

Speed ​​and comfort

  • You inherit a house that you don’t know and may be far from.
  • You don’t want to interfere with your life with home preparation, performance, and performances.
  • You have a troubled or occupied rental property.


  • You need cash for advances in your dream home.
  • You do not have the funds to make the necessary improvements.
  • You are on the threshold of confiscation.
  • You need cash to get out of debt.

Take the northern California pair Sam and Cathy,* who are preparing to retire. Plan A, they told Homelight in an interview, was to improve their condominium and register at an open market. But after struggling to find a contractor to make improvements and updates, they decided to sell to cash buyers instead and miss hard work. Thinking they would take significant losses to the price, they were surprised when they received the offer of close market value and closing sales in just 20 days.

What value does cash buyers give?

In other words, what do you get from working with buyers who pay cash that you will not receive the opposite? We describe the main benefits of the type of agreement below.

Faster closure

If your buyer has to borrow money, they – and you – are in the lender timeline, which is often at least six weeks. The purchase of all cash is closed quickly because the lender is not part of the picture. What’s more, the offer of cash buyers will not depend on the assessment of your home in a certain amount. Real estate transaction data shows that valuable values ​​and contract prices are increasingly not in harmony with the heel of a sharp housing price increase.

Flexible move

Whether you want to move next week or stay for several months, cash sales generally give you a lot of space. Once again, this is back to the steps you can take in a cash agreement. “With cash, you get a lot of flexibility on your closing date because you are not waiting for a third party to approve things like loans or assessments,” Simpson said.

Lower sales

When you ask for a cash offer, you don’t need to worry about keeping your house clean for weeks or disturbing your schedule for many shows. In addition, you can choose to sell your home “as it is” and miss pre-registrants such as roof repair, painting, and landscapes. How much work you want to do is completely up to you with cash sales, while traditional home buyers will have higher hopes about how your home should be seen.

Reduce costs

Cash offers can cut a lot of ordinary home sales expenses including repairs, sidewalk, staging, and commission projects, acting as a counterweight to discounts that you might receive based on prices.


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