Why Does Air Pollution Linger on Big Cities

car air purifier
car air purifier

Car air purifier removes PM2.5. The main pollutants we studied were PM2.5, PM10 and sulfur dioxide.


Car air cleaner purifier
Car air cleaner purifier

The main source of PM2.5 production is the residues discharged from combustion in the process of daily power generation, industrial production, and vehicle exhaust emissions, and most of them contain toxic substances such as heavy metals.

Fine particles are more harmful to human health, because the smaller the diameter, the deeper the part that enters the respiratory tract. Particles with a diameter of 10 μm are usually deposited in the upper respiratory tract, and particles below 2 μm can penetrate deep into the bronchioles and alveoli. After the fine particles enter the human body and enter the alveoli, they directly affect the ventilation function of the lungs, making the body prone to hypoxia.

PM10 persists in ambient air for a long time and has a great impact on human health and atmospheric visibility. Usually from motor vehicles driving on unpaved asphalt, concrete roads, Why do big cities have air pollution problems?

Crushing and grinding processes of materials, and dust lifted by the wind.

These particles are deposited on the alveoli, damage the alveoli and mucous membranes, cause chronic fibrosis of lung tissue, lead to pulmonary heart disease, aggravate asthma, and cause a series of diseases such as chronic nasopharyngitis and chronic bronchitis, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. Particulate matter is particularly harmful to children and the elderly.

The formation of SO2 in the atmosphere Sulfur dioxide mainly comes from the combustion of coal and oil, and when the concentration is high, it can cause breathing difficulties and even death.

We analyze the reasons for different air quality through factors such as geography and industrial development.

Shanghai: After the cold air scraped the particles from the north to Shanghai, it did not spread. Every time the cold air went south, the air quality in Shanghai was seriously degraded.

Guangzhou: The main source of air pollution is automobile exhaust, and there are too many factories

Wuhan: Wuhan is an industrial city! Secondly, Wuhan is a super-large city with a lot of motor vehicles, and the emission of vehicle exhaust is a great source of pollution. Third, building construction such as tall buildings and roads is the main reason for the decline in air quality. Experts pointed out that most of the primary pollutants in Wuhan are inhalable particulate matter (fine dust), the main source of which is the fugitive dust generated during construction, construction and transportation.

Our advice is to reduce industrial emissions.

Most of the factories in Shanghai are moving to other places, but the exhaust emissions of automobiles are relatively high, and it is necessary to consider promoting the use of public transportation.

Beijing has controls on car usage, but such a policy would make people more eager to buy a second car and cause more exhaust.

Wuhan is in the middle of China, and it is the only place where traffic tracks must pass, so there will be a lot of exhaust emissions. However, there are demolished places in Wuhan. A large amount of dust will cause certain air pollution. In addition, Wuhan belongs to the heavy industry zone, there are a large number of factories and other industrial emissions, and public transportation is not sufficient, resulting in serious exhaust emissions.


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