Why Desert Safari Dubai is the Number One Trip of UAE?


Assembled from the oil revenues of its country, Dubai screams extravagance. The fresh emirate teems with glowing buildings. Besides, architectural marvels, and leisure & shopping centres. Also, the vast beautiful Arabian desert to explore via desert safari Dubai. But beyond the flashiness and the beauty fabricates the historical desert. Besides, this ancient Arabian desert. You will get to experience the Bedouin lifestyle with utter thrill and entertainment.

This beautiful side of the emirate pledges adventure, conspiracy, and an opportunity to see what Dubai is famous for. However, to lift your dreams, there are many operating companies. But there is only one among them. Which helps you to enjoy your all desert safaris and UAE sightseeing.  With the best quality services and lowest prices. Check out their website, if you planning to visit Dubai.

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The reason that tells Why Desert Safari Dubai is World Famous

Here we will tell the five best reasons. Which let you know the truth behind the famous desert safari tour.

1. The Remarkable Thrill on High Red Dunes:

The enormous Arabian desert is your lawn and with so many sand activities. You’ll necessarily have a memorable moment there. Jump on a lavish 4×4 vehicle and explore high red dunes with dune bashing. Which is an adrenaline-pumping trial of equilibrium. where 4X4 Vehicles goes up and down a lesson of abrupt Arabian dunes. Grab pre-booking tickets for a desert safari. Besides, get a 30% discount on booking combo trips.

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Another sand thrill is sandboarding, a movement. That experiments with your balance. When you’re sliding down a high hill of Arabian sand. You may plunge or twirl. Both of which will give rise to a memorable holiday video.  However, the other sand activities are ATV quad biking, horse ride, and short or long camel riding.

2. Explore the Beauty of the Vast Arabian Desert:

Like a vacant canvas, the Arabian desert in Dubai provides a landscape. Which is an excellent forum for your ideation. Many photography lovers seize the benefit of its gleaming sunrise or sunset. Besides, the mountainous soft dunes, organize tremendous photographs.

That match the desktop screensaver. You might even realize that you’re in another world. Once the beautiful sun shines hit the Arabian sand. Which establishes a red colour akin to Mars’ ground. The blank desert evolves even more gorgeous in the evening or night. When mists open up to a sky filled with stars.

3. An Ancient and Beautiful Arabian Culture:

When you settled down in the Bedouin camp for dinner, photography, shopping and entertainment. Here you’ll discover an ancient and rich Arabian culture. As it was thousands of years ago. For which Bedouin (Arab people) used to do each activity. Which you get to experience via desert safari Dubai. Especially in the evening and overnight tours.

Watch the performance of Tanoura dancers belly dancers and some stuntmen. Take the phase with their shaking hips, talented men spinning their skirts. To accomplish a folkloric Egyptian dance known as Tanoura. Besides the fire-breathing shows splendid fun.

On the other side, you will get to calculate other facilities. Such as Sheesha smoking, Henna Designing and Arabic costume photography. Also, you can buy the sand arts from multiple shops in the Bedouin camp.

4. Dine Like a King:

After entering the Bedouin camp, you will have free access. To enjoy unlimited refreshments such as fries and Shwarma. Besides the hot or cold beverages to drinks and refresh for every second. Like regular or Arabian coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Then the session of Spice and meat is started after or in the mid of live entertainment performances. There are two of the most extensive vital elements of Arabian cuisine. which you’ll discover eating at a BBQ dinner buffet. The best chefs in town cook especially for the international and local guests. It also has a wide range of options for veg and non-veg dishes.

You can uncover open-fire grills marshalled at the Bedouin campsite. It is setting up all sorts of barbecued essences. To fulfil your craving for meatarians. Dishes full of desserts and fresh fruits are prepared, chopped into pieces. For you to chew on while live entertainment shows. This entire Arabian pleasure is excellent after a day of thrill and fun. Under the heat of the sun.

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Finish Line:

After dinner, the drivers of the tour operating company. They drop you at the destination where they picked you up. The good news is if you have a limited budget. You can enjoy a desert safari Dubai for just 35 AED with your loved ones.


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