Who Invented Homework? The Interesting History

Who Invented Homework

Who Invented Homework?

Teachers and students have debated homework and its role in academics for decades. Many students are against homework, while teachers think it’s important academic activity. But, no one wins, and the debate keeps going.

Homework is helpful or consumes students’ home time is not a topic here. This write-up will cover who invented homework. But, before moving ahead, let’s try to understand the perception of students and tutors on homework.

Teacher’s Perspective On Homework

Most tutors and educators think homework is a beneficial academic activity for students. It helps them to learn independently, which is important for academic growth. Moreover, it helps students learn proper time management and utilize recourses. 

Teachers think it makes students revise what they have learned in the classroom. And they believe the practice will enhance the subject knowledge and concepts of the students. There are tons of reasons teachers can provide to support the importance of homework in student’s life.

Some of the benefits teachers think homework offers to students is:

  •         Enhanced Learning
  •         Continuous Academic Growth
  •         Reinforcement Learning
  •         Regular Practice 
  •         Deeper Subject Understanding
  •         Conceptual Clarity of Topics
  •         More Subject Queries
  •         Constant Revision
  •         Self-Motivated Learning
  •         Gaining Important Skills

With all these points, teachers believe homework always benefits school and college students.

Student’s Perspective On Homework

Most students don’t appreciate homework on many occasions. They think it’s an additional burden in their already hectic academic life. At the same time, it circumvents the free home time they can spend on other constructive things.

Besides that, students put some strong points against homework. Some of them we have listed below about student’s perspectives on homework:

  •         Home Waste Their Home Time
  •         Add More Burden
  •         Creates Lack of Consistency
  •         Lack of Motivation
  •         Homework Don’ Add Value to Overall Grades
  •         Usually, Homework Are Difficult
  •         Homework Don’t Offer Holistic Growth
  •         Demand Enhanced Time Commitment
  •         Can Cause Health Issues
  •         Cause Stress and Anxiety
  •         Lack of Proper Sleep

The above points given by students against homework clearly suggest that it’s not beneficial. Students openly claim its demerits. However, we know homework has a few disadvantages. But we suggest one should not completely negate its importance just because of a few demerits.

History of Homework

Whether homework is helpful or harmful is still debatable for students and teachers. And, they can continue debating for hours. However, let’s take a break here and dive deep into the history of homework. We will try to understand who invented homework and the intention behind it.

It was Roberto Nevilis and the Italian pedagog who invented homework. The concept behind homework was very straightforward. As an educator, Nevilis always felt his teaching lose its essence as soon as students leave the classes. 

Despite his hard work and complete dedication, students could not outperform themselves. That’s why Nevilis decided to take a different approach. And this is how homework came into existence.

Homework was never the same as we see it today. It was the way of an alternative punishment as teachers are not allowed to give physical punishments to students.

Sorts of Homework

Since was schoolwork concocted, there were very few kinds of individual undertakings. Since the individual who developed school and schoolwork didn’t get an opportunity to do what’s necessary “trying” in this respect, it was challenging for him to make a recipe for successful at-home research.

These days, educators include the accompanying sorts of schoolwork in the concentration on process.

Dominating material under study as per the course reading;
Execution of oral activities;
The Execution of composed works out;
Execution of innovative works (paper composing, and so forth.);
Readiness of reports on the concentrated on the material (coursework composing, and so forth.);
Directing perceptions and examinations.

More Insight on Homework

The education system developed across the globe, and with new schools and learning institutions, homework started taking formal shape. It becomes an important tool to make learning sharp and effective and enhance retention.

It is believed that homework was in existence before Nevilis in the ancient Roman and Greek empires. However, Nevills was the first who formalize the homework system.

Homework soon became the means of motivation for students to do regular study even after school hours. In the absence of such motivation, it is challenging for students to indulge in such activities.

So, we can say that homework came into existence to improve the student’s overall learning. Besides that, it also has two more objectives. Firstly the means of punishment to students and secondly, to motivate students to study regularly during post-school hours.

Whatever approach teachers take, homework ensures students don’t lag in classroom learning. The students who complete their homework I time always perform better academically in the long run.

Prime Objectives of Homework 

Here we will discuss the objectives of homework in brief. However, we know that the initial objective of the homework was not to burden students with additional academic tasks. Instead, they should focus on learning. Some of the prime objectives of the homework are:

Enhanced Learning

There was an apparent perception among tutors that students won’t pay attention to classwork once they leave school. That means students were completely out of state academically post-school hours. Students came to a class new day with blank minds and showed no connection with the previous learning.

It became difficult for teachers to establish a connection between the lessons of two consecutive classes. So, homework became the tool to reinforce learning among students so that they develop a strong academic foundation. That means students can easily recall what they learned in the last class.     

Time Considerations

Every class has a specific time limit. That means teachers must complete their subject syllabus within a particular time duration. However, students need more time and attention for some topics and subjects. Unable to provide additional time resulted in partial learning.

And here is the second objective of the homework played a role. The idea behind homework was to motivate students to revise the lessons and attain conceptual clarity. That means homework facilitates learning without any time considerations that teachers face in the classrooms.

Practice and Application

Homework also helped students to practice and apply the learning. Several facts claim that practicing regularly improves learning and enhances subject knowledge. Homework motivates them to practice more to achieve better grades.

The adverse consequence of schoolwork tasks

As per the specialists of Stanford College, understudies frequently get focused. One reason behind it is the schoolwork trouble. Likewise, understudies bombed because of colossal strain. In any case, it is for that multitude of understudies who commit the additional opportunities to schoolwork.

    • Medical problems
    • No opportunity to play
    • Impediment development and improvement


Last Few Words

Students must understand homework isn’t a method for controlling an understudy. It is a chance to give time to concentrate on the subject. In such a manner, you can organize information acquired in the class and level up your abilities on a specific subject.

Homework is an integral part of the student’s academic life. At least, until we see a significant overhaul in the overall education system. That’s why homework must be taken in a good light because of its amazing academic benefits. Technological advancements have shaped many online educational portals. That helps students to relieve a lot of burden from their shoulders. Assignments Help is one such platform that has been helping online students for decades.


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