Where should You not Install your Shade Sail?


Thinking of a shade pro is great! It’s a nice way to utilize your outdoors completely. The shade sail doesn’t only block the harsh ultraviolet rays, but also adds a touch of wonder and beauty to your exterior space. But when you are installing the shade sails, remember to do it wisely and accurately and don’t commit certain mistakes.

The places where you shouldn’t install the shade sail!

While installing a shade sail is a terrific decision, just avoid some places while doing so. Even experts from Shadepro providing outdoor shade solutions guide you about leaving out these places. They have been working on sending the best shade solutions to the clients for years and know about their best positions and utility.

Near a barbecue or a fire pit — Though the materials used to manufacture most of the shade sails are fire-resistant, but you also know the power of fire. You never know when the fire can burn any side of the shade sail and lead to other problems in the area. So, never install the shade sail near a fire at any cost.

Where the two shade sails cling too closely — Like everything else, two shade sails rubbing together can also lead to chafing. This automatically wears down the corners of the shade sails. You can say that this position of the shade sail reduces their life considerably.

Doors and windows — Frequent closing and opening of the doors and windows is totally normal.  Naturally, when you are installing the shade style near these, they might come in the way of opening and closing of the doors and windows and get torn and might even get damaged in this process.

Near the swings —When you are installing the shade sail near the swings, the kids playing on it may come in contact with them. This might not just damage the shade sail, but even the kids can get injured in this process. so before installing a shade sail must ensure that the more distance between swing and shade. In this condition shade sail and swings never will contact each other.

Lighting — Outdoor lightings are installed in order to illuminate the entire exterior space. But when you install the shade sail in such a way that it blocks this light, it will automatically be called a wrong placement.

Water runoffs — The water runoffs in your property like the gutters should be clear of any obstructions so that the water flows down very conveniently without any hindrance. But if your shade sail is installed near them, you might face problems with this.

Where the officials deny permissions — Though installing the shade sail in your property is your personal decision, but if your neighborhood or the officials in your area don’t allow you such installations, then avoid this step until you get the permissions for the same.

A shade sail can be of great use not just for temporary, but even permanent settings. But if you want to ensure it only benefits you, factor in all the above-mentioned pointers.


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