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The most common question from vaping newbies is what percentage puffs would be best for them or how many puffs of vaping device equate to one cigarette. Vapers oftentimes raise these sorts of questions, particularly people who switch to vaping to quit smoking. So, let’s get into the main points to fancy disposable vaping devices e.g IVG Bar a lot of appropriately.

Avoid Drawing Frequent Puffs

Merely put, you ought to vape moderately. Ne’er draw frequent puffs from your vaping device. Forever balance your vaping, irrespective of what device you’re using, a disposable vaping like crystal bar device or reversible one. There are sure issues that verify your puffing rate. Here are a number of the factors which may assist you perceive however typically you ought to puff.

If you vape an excessive amount of and draw frequent puffs, you may presently run out of your e-liquid. The battery of your vape device can even die instantly if you retain drawing puffs. Similarly, if you become penurious towards your vape juice and bit by bit use your device, the e-liquid in your vape tank might get funky or foul.

Nicotine’s Importance during a Vape Device:

Another deciding factor is that the nicotine level. Vasoconstrictive in vape juices isn’t mandatory, and if you are doing not like it, you’ll whole dismiss it from your vape juice. You’ll purchase nic-free e-juices and luxuriate in your vaping.

However, if you have got come back to vaping to eliminate your smoking habit, you want to decide on vasoconstrictive-containing e-juices. These e-juices can effectively assist you overcome your nicotine craving. One factor that you simply might want to understand as a brand new vaper is that nicotine in vape juices is lab-processed and is not natural. Additionally, the concentration of nicotine comes in numerous strengths in e-liquids, and you’ll simply decide your most well-liked one.

In keeping with the Tobacco Product Directive, the vasoconstrictive content in e-juices cannot exceed 20mg. Vape makers within the GB are obligated to follow the foundations set by TPD. The vaping rules may be completely different for countries that don’t make up the flagship of TPD.

Deciding vasoconstrictive Strengths:

Once reading that, you want to be puzzling over a way to recognize that nicotine strength works best for you. Don’t worry. Keep reading the blog, and you may get answers to your questions.

Have you ever questioned what proportion vasoconstrictive you intake together with your single cigarette? Or does one shrewdness much nicotine your single pack of cigarettes contains? Your answer would be no! Fag firms don’t mention the number of nicotine they use in their products, because of that it’s laborious for any smoker to understand how much nicotine they feed to their body.

You’ll simply opt for your most well-liked nicotine once employing a vape device (rechargeable or disposable vape resembling elux legend mini). Here are the nicotine concentrations that higher suit you if you’re switching from smoking to vaping:

  1. 3mg_Equivent to four to five cigarettes OR below 0.5 a pack.
  2. Half dozenmg_ comparable to 6 to ten cigarettes OR half a pack.
  3. twelvemg_Equivlent to one2 to twenty cigarettes.
  4. 18mg_Equivlent to 20 to thirty cigarettes OR fill a box.
  5. 20mg _Equivlent to 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes.

Once vaping a nicotine-containing e-juice, make sure you ne’er make your nicotine concentration. You may feel dizzy if you increase your vasoconstrictive levels and consume the most quantity of nicotine. Confirm you begin with acceptable nicotine levels and bit by bit cut back the nicotine amount to 0mg.

Vaping is much better and healthier than smoking. It causes less harm to your health and the environment. It is considered the best alternative to smoking as the process of vaping is quite similar to smoking but it is much safer.

The benefits of using disposable vapes outweigh their disadvantages. One of the biggest benefits of using vape devices is that they are more economical than cigarettes and are easy to handle and use.

In this blog, you will learn about the cost of smoking cigarettes and using disposable vapes in detail. Hopefully, it will help you compare the two and choose the best one.

Cost of Cigarettes:

The cost of a pack of cigarettes has increased over the years and it is quite obvious that it will continue to increase. Since people continue to smoke despite knowing the harmful effects of smoking, governments have been trying to reduce the number of smokers by increasing conventional cigarette prices.

High cost of consumption is a major turn-off for many people. Increasing the prices helps in reducing the number of smokers to some extent. The average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes is roughly greater than £10. If you are a heavy smoker, it becomes a large sum of money over a year. This money can be used for many other useful purposes.

Cost of Vapes:

Vape devices are much cheaper than regular cigarettes. Most vapes are available under £10 and you can purchase some even under £5. Vapes are also 95% safer and healthier than traditional cigarettes.

In the case of reusable vapes, you just have to invest a little at the start when you purchase the device. After that, you have to change the coil, refill the e-liquid or recharge its battery which is collectively a minimal cost as compared to purchasing cigarettes every time.

Even if you use disposable vapes, it will be more economical to purchase disposable vapes again and again than to buy a pack of cigarettes regularly. Disposable vapes like Geek bar lite, Solo vape work in the same way as cigarettes do but they are much better than the latter.

By choosing vape devices, you not only save money but also pose less threat to your health.

In reusable vapes, you can refill e-liquid, change the coil, charge the battery or even change the battery.

E-liquid Refills:

The e-liquid bottles are very cheap and are available for less than £10. They are easily available at any online vape store in the UK or any physical vape store. E-liquids are also available in a variety of flavours.

All the cool and amazing vape flavours give you a diversity of vape juices to try and enjoy so that you never get bored of vaping. These bottles are made of recyclable materials which are environmentally friendly.

Coil Changing:

Coils are required to be changed after every two to three weeks if you want to have a good vaping experience. These coils are not too costly and the overall cost of changing coils in a year is much less than buying cigarettes.

Battery Recharging:

The battery can be recharged up to a certain limit but you need to follow a few precautions:

  • Never leave the battery to charge overnight.
  • Do not charge the battery with more than 1 Amp current.

When you make all the calculations and compare the cost of two, vaping wins. Vape devices win not only in cost but in terms of health conditions too. So, if you are determined to adopt a safer and healthier lifestyle but find it hard to quit smoking, you should try disposable vapes.


Whether or not you utilize a disposable vape device or a chargeable one, make sure you use it accurately. Ne’er overuse your vaping device otherwise, your device can go faulty. Otherwise you might run out of your e-juice.


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