What you need to know before you install your TV aerial


Sure, you are looking forward to installing a new TV antenna and watching the latest cricket match, after all, it happens to be India VS New Zealand. But before you end up spending all that hard-earned cash purchasing your antenna, you would need to weigh in all the pros and cons of your decision and whether it would be well-suited for your residence. And apart from this, you might want to consider hiring a professional to handle it. But if you are still determined to go ahead on your own, then do check out the following pointers as they should come in handy.

  • Weigh in all the pros and cons: Consider what you are planning to do, carefully. You are planning to install a TV aerial in NZ on your own and that’s no easy task. You may first want to find out about the various channels that are available in your area and determine if it is worth spending all that cash to purchase one. And then, you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of an indoor antenna as well as an outdoor one. It should be pointed out that TV antennas are readily available in both kinds and while an outside antenna would require some work on your part to get it installed accurately, an indoor one can be installed without much hassle. And if you have made up your mind to get an outside antenna, you may want to remember that it would require you clambering onto your roof and learning how to use a power drill as well. Just remember to wear a safety harness as you climb onto the roof. 
  • Get the required materials: Apart from purchasing the antenna, you would require a few essential materials to install it accurately. You would need the right antenna, 75 ohms to 300-ohm transformer which usually comes with the antenna, a mast that’s roughly about 12 feet but this can vary as the actual height depends on the height of the antenna itself. Apart from this, you would also need to make sure that you have the right coaxial cable and one that happens to be UV resistant as well. These are just a few items that you would have to make sure you purchase, once you have picked out the antenna of your choice. And keep in mind that you would also need to ground the antenna as well, so that’s a vital item that you need to purchase along with the rest. And make sure that you get a TV splitter with the rest, but that also depends on how many TVs that you are looking to attach to the antenna.
  • Wall mount: When it comes to installing the antenna, you can go in fo a wall mount as it happens to be one of the easiest. You can use the retaining wall as the base support, and drill evenly spaced holes in it. Keep in mind that these holes need to be evenly spaced and of the right depth, to provide the antenna with the required firm support. For example, you can drill holes in the mortar, that’s spaced between 12 – 14 inches which should be sufficient. Now, you can use these holes for bolts to brace and support the antenna. 

Now, you should be able to install your TV antenna with ease. When it comes to installing the antenna,you need to take adequate safety precautions so that you do not end up risking your life unnecessarily.


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