What Makes Indian Food Special?

What Makes Indian Food Special

Tasty is what we call Indian food. We have many varieties and different spices added to those other kinds of food. Every city has its specialties. To know more about what makes every Indian food special, read the entire article.

I think India is the country where we use most of every species, and even those spices have their benefits. Today we are talking about the spices which make Indian food tasty and soul-satisfying. I think spices are an essential addition to the food if you want to make it more flavorful and aromatic.

Secret Of Delicious Spices In Indian Food

We use a few common spices and vegetables to make Indian food tasty and healthy.

The typical spices or leaf or vegetables which we use are:-

  • Garlic is the most commonly used addition to make our food delicious and is very beneficial to our health. It reduces blood pressure and keeps our heart healthy. To provide immunity to cough and cold, we commonly add garlic in gravy of sabzi or tadka of sabzi.
  • Ginger:- it is used like garlic and beneficial for our stomach issues and cough or cold issues. We usually make a paste of ginger, garlic, and green chili to add to almost every dish.
  • Green or red chilies:- red chili powder is what we use in every dish. A whole dried red chili or green chili is added to ginger garlic paste or tadka of a word. We use them for garnishing dishes.
  • Curry leaves:- We use curry leaves in many dishes. It has a perfect aromatic fragrance which makes our dish fragrant. This spice is mainly used for garnishing or adding an excellent aroma to the food dish. It helps in many stomach issues like constipation.
  • Clove:- It has a beautiful aromatic smell and many benefits like it an antioxidant. It works like antibiotics to kill bacteria. It helps to keep our blood pressure regular and improve our liver health as well. This spice is perfect for our health, and I suggest to add in every dish.
  • Cinnamon:- It has a great fragrance along with clove; we use a cinnamon piece or a powder of cinnamon. This has the same benefit of regulating our blood pressure. Even the cinnamon tea tastes delicious.
  • Cardamom:- we can use this in tea to make it aromatic, and in almost all sweet dishes, we use cardamom. It has the benefit of preventing cavities and keeping our teeth healthy. It is an excellent antioxidant and fights against cancer.
  • Bay leaf:- Use for tadka or gravy and has proven beneficial for migraines and digestion. It is a rich source of vitamins and fiber.
  • Basil leaves have a great aroma and are very Beneficial for stomach issues; we usually use them for garnishing.
  • Cumin:- we usually add cumin seeds in every tadka of sabzi or dishes, and it has an incredible aroma. It helps to keep our blood pressure normal and is good for weight loss as well; it is suitable for many stomach issues.
  • Saffron:- Usages of Saffron is for garnishing or even in almost all sweet dishes. It has a great aroma. It fights against bacteria and cancer and is beneficial for the skin as well.


Indian food is full of spices and herbs and has a beautiful aromatic smell and delicious taste. We always wonder what one must be adding to make the dish so mesmerizing, and that is what I wanted to let everyone know.

We have talked about spices and herbs in this article which are commonly used in Indian dishes. There are many more spices as well but try these spices to make your dish aromatic and tasty.


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