What is the strategy behind the super bowl MVP?

super bowl mvp

Super Bowl MVP is the short form of the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award. The super bowl team managers usually present it to the most valuable player every year. It usually occurs in the National Football League (NFL) championship games in the super bowl. There is always a strategy behind the game, and it is what we are going to discuss in this article.

The strategy behind the Super Bowl MVP

A panel of sixteen broadcasters and writers chooses the winner who will take the Super Bowl MVP. However, the fans have been voting electronically for the winner in super bowl XXXV in 2001. In the winner’s selection, there are usually the media panels and the viewer’s ballots. 

The media panel’s ballots should have eighty percent of the vote tally and twenty percent for the viewer’s ballots. The audience usually has an opportunity to vote using their cell phones or through the internet. You should vote on the Super Bowl game with the remaining five minutes if you are a media voter.

However, the media voters usually have the opportunity to change their minds after finishing the game. Also, the voters are free to nominate one player from every team, although they have to follow instructions for counting the votes for the winner in the team. At the same time, the voters cannot choose the whole unit.

The Super Bowl MVP has been a crucial award for the winning player since its foundation in 1967. In 1989, the sports magazine presented the award. At that time, Bart Starr was the most valuable player of the initial two super bowls. However, the National Football League has presented the award since 1990.

The NFL awarded the Pete Rozelle Trophy at the Super Bowl XXV.

The nature of the trophy’s name was from the commissioner of the NFL, known as Pete Rozelle. He was one of the Super Bowl MVP for quite some time. The first player to win the trophy was Ottis Anderson. 

Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, is the most recent Super Bowl MVP from Super bowl LV, which took place on 7th Feb 2021. He was the only player who won five Super Bowl MVP awards. He won one award with the buccaneers and four of them with the New England Patriots.

On the other hand, Joe Montana managed to win three awards on the super bowl LV. The other three players, namely; Terry Bradshaw, Eli Manning, and Bart Starr, have managed to win the awards two times. However, Bradshaw and Starr are the only players known to have won the awards in the previous years. 

The Super Bowl MVP comes from the winning team each year, apart from 1971. It failed to happen because Cowboys Dallas linebacker Chuck Holley managed to win the award even though the Cowboys lost in the super bowl V game to the Baltimore Colts.

Randy White and Harvey Martin were the co-S Super bowl MVP of super bowl XII. It was the first time for the co MVPs to be available. However, seven cowboys players from super bowl XII managed to win the awards, and we’re pleased about it. Most quarterbacks in the NFL team have gained the honor for thirty-one rounds in fifty-five games and fifty-six awards.

Final words

Many people find it challenging to understand the strategy behind Super Bowl MVP. If you were that kind of person, then you need to be keener and read this article. It will help you know and understand how the teams have been performing and the various awards the players receive.


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