What is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet at Home?

What is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet at Home

Carpets are the most important part of any house. It is the first impression of your personality.

Carpets are the most common flooring material used in homes and offices. Apart from the decor value, carpets can add a lot of comfort to the interior of your home or office.

However, they are one of the most difficult flooring materials to clean. If you are looking to clean your carpet at home, then you need to choose the right method to clean it.

This blog will look at what is the best way to clean a carpet at home?

Sprinkling baking soda over the carpet

When you have messy guests, don’t bother with harsh chemicals, even things like air freshener.

Just sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and vacuum thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or debris.

The same method can be used to rid a room of persistent odors as well – just don’t vacuum until after everything has settled!

Carpet shampoo

If you’re looking to give your carpets a nice, thorough cleaning, try mixing up some carpet shampoo with warm water into a spray bottle.

Doing this will allow you to better control how much of your mixture is applied at once to avoid over saturating your area’s carpet.

Add 2 drops of carpet shampoo to a clean spray bottle. Add warm water. Shake well, making sure you don’t make the mixture too watery.

Spray mixture over the carpet, taking care not to make a big puddle come on the fibers.

Carpet shampoo

White vinegar mixtures

Vinegar is essential for removing dirt from your carpet but did you know that the same vinegar could also be used to “fluff up” worn-out carpet fibers?

The mixture of white vinegar and water can be used as a cleaning agent if applied correctly. All you have to do is mix the vinegar with equal parts of water and add it to a spray bottle.

When applying it to your carpet, do it until the affected area has completely soaked in the solution.

Afterward, all you need to do is blot this mixture using a rag soaked with warm water.

White vinegar mixtures

Steam iron

Steam is one of the most efficient ways of cleaning those pesky stains off your carpet that just won’t seem to come out no matter how many times you scrub them with a stain remover. It’s so effective that it always leaves our carpets feeling like new!

To use steam on your home’s carpets, all you need is a large pot filled with water and then press down on your steam iron (which should be placed over a thin cloth such as a handkerchief so it doesn’t burn the material), alternating directions while slowly dragging the appliance across the fibers.

Keep in mind not to let the steam penetrate too deeply on darker carpets as they are likely to turn yellow due to over-saturation of color pigments.

Let the fabric dry thoroughly after blotting up as much additional moisture as possible with an absorbent towel.

Steam iron

Use carpet brush

Get on your hands and knees and scrub at the carpet with a carpet brush to remove any dander that got trapped in your carpet.

You’re going to find yourself becoming somewhat familiar with the backside of your carpet before you’ve finished cleaning it!

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FAQs Related to What is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet at Home?

How can I deep clean my carpet myself?

One way to deal with difficult stains on carpeting is by making a homemade paste from salt, borax, and vinegar; although some stains may still be able to be removed using only one of these ingredients, as they do not all bind to dirt and grime in the same way.

Begin by adding 1/4 cup of salt, 1/4 cup of borax, and 1/4 cup vinegar into a pint-sized glass jar or plastic container.

On the lid tightly before shaking it until the mixture feels like a thick liquid – approximately 5 seconds should suffice.

What is a good homemade carpet cleaning solution?

There are a lot of industrial-strength cleaning solutions out there to buy like carpet shampooers and all sorts of vacuum cleaners and sweepers.

Most people suffer from allergies that attack their sinuses, especially in the winter months when the air is dry and dusty.

Because it’s not very comfortable feeling stuffed up all year, we thought that you might find an efficient homemade recipe for your vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner: ¾ water; ¼ cup fabric softener; ½ cup vinegar; 2 tsp. baking soda. First, mix all the ingredients in a plastic spray bottle.

Then put on rubber gloves then pour enough mixture onto your hands to cover them completely.

Next, you must reach across the entire carpet with gloved hands to rub the sudsy mix over every square inch of it (don’t forget under furniture) before returning over it with a wet rag or vacuum cleaner. Do this until your entire home is finished (except for delicate items like silk rugs).

What is the easiest and fastest way to clean carpet?

When cleaning the carpet, use a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water in a bowl or bucket. Put bristles of the scrub brush into the solution and rub them into the carpet.

Massage them into the fibers well (without fully saturating the carpet) and follow up with a cloth to help wipe away excess moisture and treat stains that may return later without properly removing moisture/liquid first.

Does salt clean carpets?

Salt can brighten the appeal of your carpets and make them look cleaner, especially if you find yourself with muddy footprints on them from the kids who were running around playing downstairs.

To achieve this quick effect, there are a few things to remember. Make sure not to sprinkle too much salt because a little goes a long way – everyone loves a big cloud of salt mid-step!

Only using friendly language but also referencing a common stereotype.] Your carpets will end up looking cleaner than ever before if you follow these steps. With just minimal effort, your carpet will be brightened even in less than one day.

Why does my carpet look worse after cleaning?

After you’ve shampooed your carpet, it looks worse instead of better. One reason for this is that the pile becomes worn from the steam from the hot water.

Another reason is that dark stains become more noticeable after cleaning. Yet another reason is that a sticky residue sticks to the fibers of the carpet and makes the whole thing look dirty again.


Carpets are a great way to decorate your home and provide a warm, cozy feel to your environment.

However, to maintain the look of your carpets for years to come, it is important to clean them regularly.

While hiring a professional may seem like the best option, there are many ways to clean carpets at home that are not that hard to do.

With some simple household items, you can keep your carpets looking great and prevent permanent stains.

We hope you enjoyed our article about what is the best way to clean a carpet at home!

Instead of spending the time and money to take your carpet to a professional, you can do it yourself and save time and money.


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