What is PCOD? Important Facts that you need to know



PCOD is a particular type of women’s health condition and it is one of the most common female health problems. The term PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease, in which, the ovaries of a woman start generating partially mature or premature eggs in a huge number that ends up becoming follicular cysts inside the ovaries. Because of these cysts, the ovaries get enlarged and they start secreting a high amount of androgen that causes infertility issues, irregular menstrual periods, etc.

What are some common symptoms of PCOD?

Some of the most common symptoms of polycystic ovarian disease include

  • Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles

  • Irregular menstrual periods

  • Obesity

  • Hair loss

  • Abnormal growth of facial hair

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Sleeping disorder

What are some common problems that can be caused by PCOD?

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Low motivation

  • Disruption of eating

  • Decreased confidence

What are some possible causes of PCOD?

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Unhealthy diets

  • Hormone altering medications

  • Pollutions

Other potential causes of PCOD may include

  • Autoimmune diseases that may cause inflammation in the tissues may also contribute to the rise of androgen levels in the body.
  • People with high insulin levels in the body are at a high risk of facing PCOD as well as PCOS.
  • OTC medications and inactive lifestyles may also be the reason for PCOD.

Nowadays, PCOD can be diagnosed perfectly through several types of tests like physical examination, pelvic ultrasound and blood tests. It is a fact that PCOD can not be cured but through proper medical guidance and necessary treatments and medications, the condition along with its symptoms can be managed. In most cases, medical experts recommend certain practices to PCOD patients that can help them manage the androgen levels in the body.

For example, getting involved in regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting carbohydrate consumption are some of the most common and healthy practices for PCOD patients. Apart from that, getting enough sleep every single day is also necessary as it supports the regulation of hormones. You may also consult a pathology lab like Thyrocareto fetch necessary information about PCOD diagnosis.


Apart from PCOD, PCOS is also another majorly serious health problem that a large number of women are suffering from. Proper medical guidance and early detection of such health problems can help any patient stay out of the risks. Here comes the necessity of Thyrocare packages. A large number of Thyrocare test packages can easily be booked online nowadays in just a few minutes. These health checkup packages have already helped so many people get their diseases and disorders detected with complete accuracy.

PCOD is a common health problem but there are other women’s health issues that should not be left untreated and must be detected at the earlier stages, which is exactly why health checkups are important. Currently, a lot of test packages are available for a very reasonable price in almost every city, so don’t think twice before booking one for yourself to stay out of the risks of unexpected occurrence of health conditions and ensure overall physical well-being.


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