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what is HTML

Use of HTML Twenty years ago when we were in college, the Internet was in its early stages. Many people did not even know that www what is this three w thing? We just knew that the results of the college come out from the webpage and that too in 1 click the complete result is available.

But in today’s digital age, without the same web page, I came to know from the Internet that this webpage is made using HTML, ( HTML css course in Delhi )so you should also know what is HTML? So let’s get started.

What is HTML: What is HTML? HTML is the language in which most website pages are designed. HTML is used to create pages and make them functional.

What does HTML mean? HTML full form

HTML is called Hypertext Markup Language, which HTML is used to prepare a web page and its content.

The content of a web page consists of many things such as paragraphs of text, bullet lists, images, videos, it is the work of HTML to structure all these things in an organized way on a page.

HTML Document Web Browser (using HTML)

For example, if we open a web page from the web browser itself, then a web browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. opens any web document and shows us.

 Now understand in simple language, a letter opens with Microsoft Word, and the image opens with the application of Microsoft Paint. Similarly, when we have to open any web document, then a web browser is required.

HTML Elements and Tags (Using HTML)

There are many elements and tags in HTML, which are not visible in the web browser, but when we create a web page, the computer reads the same tag and element. And shows us the information in the web browser.

HTML code sets the text and images in the proper format for the content to be displayed correctly in the browser.

So HTML gives structure to the content of any document, that is, the main structure in the body of a common person is of bones, in the same way, the main structure in a web page is of HTML. CSS is used to style it further.

Here Hyper Text – By clicking on the text, you go from one page to another. Mark-up means layout and formatting of plain text. Language – It is a coding language with which we create web pages.

HTML was first developed in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau and others. Its full name is HyperText Markup Language, in which hypertext means a link of text that you click and move from one document to another.

This gives us the advantage that we can get complete information about any information.

And with a markup language, we give instructions to the computer on how to format and present our document.

Right now the latest release is HTML 5.0 which is supported by all browsers.

What are HTML Tags?

What are HTML Tags, this is an important question that comes to our mind, the browser reads HTML Tags, an element is formed from the tag, let’s learn about the use of HTML Tags.

Tags are used to create elements in HTML. As there are many elements in a document, for example, document title, heading text, paragraph, image reads all this through browser tag.

If you are defining any element in the document, then the first tag has to be written, the tag always starts with angle brackets < > and ends with a forward slash < / > in angle brackets.

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What are HTML Elements?

What is HTML Elements As we have known above, an element is completed with an HTML tag, which gives a structure to the web document, so let’s know what is HTML Elements? And how it is used in HTML.

An element is a component of a web document. For example, in a web page, we have to put content in heading text, paragraphs, images, and tables, etc., all these are elements.

But a web browser will read the element only through the tag. If you write the text directly, then the browser will not know which element it is?

That is why the element is completed with the tag. If we are making a webpage then there will be many elements in it. It is the job of an element to properly format the structure of a web page.

What are HTML Attributes?

By now you must have understood the basics of HTML. It is getting structure from tag and element but we know here what is HTML Attribute.

HTML Attribute is the modifier of the element as if you have to give color to an element. And give style, then with HTML Attribute, we give additional information to an element. From which the element gets modified.

As we took the example of the heating element above. ( web design course in Delhi )If we have to give the HTML attribute of the style, which changes the color, font, size of an element. Then its code will be written like this.

What are HTML Editors?

So far we have learned how tags, elements, attributes work in HTML. But how to make a webpage? Which editor is used? First, we have to make sure we have the right tools.


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