What Are the Pros and Cons of Metal Hangers?


Hangers are a necessary part of life and laundry work. They allow you to hang up wet clothes, they displace the wrinkles that would accumulate in your shirt or pants when placed on a flat surface, and most importantly they keep your wardrobe organized so you can find everything easily without wasting time looking for it.

But which hangers are best for your clothes? Let’s take a specific look at metal hangers, including their strengths and weaknesses as a storage accessory.

What Are Metal Hangers?

A metal hanger is a thin metal wire with typically metal clasps on either end that are used to hang pants, skirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, sweaters, and jackets.

The type of material used in metal hangers is a basic metal, typically cheap or chrome-plated steel. Additionally, metal hangers are typically uniform in size, shape, and style.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Hangers?

The first and most obvious advantage metal hangers have is that they are metal, which means they’re usually strong enough to maintain their shape without bowing out of shape or collapsing under pressure. This makes metal hangers a great option for heavier garments, including coats, pants, or cold-weather clothing.

Metal hangers are typically inexpensive compared to other types of hanger materials.

Metal hangers are slim enough to be used with standard-sized clothing items without adding extra bulk to them. This makes metal hangers a great option for anyone who needs to maximize the space in their closet.

Metal hangers are typically waterproof. This means that metal hangers don’t absorb moisture from clothing or condensation from dry cleaning, which can cause mildew and other problems with clothes over time. Additionally, metal does not bend or warp over time as plastic materials do.

What Are the Disadvantages of Metal Hangers?

Usually, metal hangers are not typically covered with material like plastic or felt, which means that metal hangers may cause clothing items to get snagged.

This problem can be exacerbated by metal hanger clips used for hanging pants and skirts. If metal clips aren’t properly sized, they can leave unsightly indentations when the metal clip makes.

Additionally, metal hangers can cause the metal to leave rust spots on clothing over time, especially if clothes are wet when they are placed on metal hangers. Finally, metal hangers can also cause fabrics like silk and suede to lose their shape faster than other types of hanger materials.

What Are Some Alternatives to Metal Hangers?

Some alternatives for metal hangers include options such as plastic hangers, wood hangers, and velvet hangers.

Plastic hangers are very lightweight and easy to bend into shapes needed for hanging multiple or bulkier items like pants or jackets.

Wood hangers are heavier than metal ones but can be sanded down to fit more easily in tight spaces. Velvet-like fabric is used for anti-slip garments such as silk, cashmere, or other delicate items.

Where to Buy Quality Metal Hangers

The quality of one’s hanger matters and customers should choose carefully where they purchase these important accessories.

One online store for purchasing quality metal hangers is eBay. This online retailer offers metal hangers at competitive prices, with many metal hangers costing less than $10 for a 100-pack.

For those looking for metal clothes hangers wholesale, eBay is an excellent choice. Prices vary depending on the quantity purchased, and bulk discounts are available.

eBay does have downsides when buying metal hangers, however. First, the metal hangers may be shipped from China, complicating delivery time. Also, not all metal hangers on eBay are true metal hangers; some metal hangers for sale on this site feature plastic clips and metal bars constructed around a metal frame.

Other places to buy metal clothes hangers include Amazon and any retail store that has a reputable standing for quality closet accessories.

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