Welcome Your Guests With Easy To Cook Chorchori Recipe

Welcome Your Guests With Easy To Cook ChorChori Recipe

If there is one Bengali recipe that you can’t miss to enjoy, it’s Chorchori. This recipe is a mix-vegetable version. Chorchori is a dry vegetable dish that comes in different variants. In this article, we have come up with a data chorchori recipe.

The present situation of the pandemic has made us realize the need to go towards the basics. Thus, people are looking for traditional recipes that they can cook in their homes. People are looking for food items full of nutritional benefits and one that can boost immunity and strength.

One of the most nutritional-rich Bengali recipes that you can try is Datar Chorchori. The recipe includes an amalgamation of different vegetables. Chorchori is a healthy delight that you can try every day. The recipe is not only rich in taste; it is also rich in nutrition.

Here’s a simple recipe of chorchoro that you can try at home by using simple ingredients:

Ingredients for chorchori

  • 150 gm cauliflower stalks
  • 120 gm pumpkin
  • 80 gm brinjal
  • 60 gm beans
  • 20 gm tomato
  • 60 gm potato
  • Three pieces of green chilies
  • 6 gm coriander leaves
  • 25 gm mustard seeds
  • One-piece dried red chili
  • Nigella seeds
  • ¼ tsp turmeric
  • Six pieces bori
  • 35 gm mustard oil
  • 10 gm salt
  • 15 gm sugar

How to cook?

  1. Soak mustard seed in water for 2 hours. Then, grind them to a fine paste along with two green chilies and 60 gm water. Set aside the paste.
  1. In the next step, separate the stalk from the cauliflower and wash it thoroughly in water. Cut the cauliflower stalks into 2 mm pieces. If you have thicker stalks, you can divide them horizontally.
  1. Keep the chopped cauliflower stalks in a saucepan with 3g salt and 100 gm water. Cover it with a lid and let it steam for 8-minutes. After that, strain it and set the water aside. You will need strained water during the cooking process.
  1. Next, cut potatoes into 2cm wedges, pumpkin into 3 cm cubes, and brinjal into 5 cm long segments. Chop tomatoes and slit green chilies.
  1. Let the real cooking part begin by heating 20 gm mustard oil in a pan. You can also use dal bari to add a distinct taste to chorchori. Fry the dal bari for about 20 seconds till it is golden brown.
  1. Temper the oil by adding dried red chilies and cumin seed.
  1. Add potatoes and fry them on a medium flame for almost 2 minutes. Add pumpkin and fry it for two more minutes. Similarly, add all other vegetables that you have. Keep on frying the vegetables, and at last, add tomatoes.
  1. Now add turmeric, salt, and sugar. Add steamed cauliflower.
  1. After two minutes of frying, add mustard paste, and saute on medium heat till you get rid of the raw mustard. This process will take almost 5-7 minutes. If you feel mustard is sticking to the pan, you can deglaze it with a splash of water.
  1. Break the fried bori into tiny parts and add to the mixture along with slit green chili. Cook it for two more minutes before adding chopped coriander leaves.
  1. Serve it with steaming rice.

Chorchori is one of the most delicious vegetable options that belongs to the West Bengal region. Try this ChorChori recipe and let us know how delicious it was. There are different other versions of chorchori, you can try them as per your taste.


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