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Chess is one of the most popular indoor board games played all over the world. Chess Olympic or Chess Olympiad is widely viewed by chess game fans. It is a biennial competition represented by teams of many nations. International Chess Federation is the organising and governing body that conducts the Chess Olympics.

All India Chess Federation is the organizing and governing body of chess in India. Over the years, chess has gained a lot of popularity in India, mainly because of the achievements of Viswanathan Anand in various international chess tournaments. He is a five-time world chess champion and fourth player in chess history to pass the 2800 Elo mark on the rating list of FIDE (International Chess Federation).

Websites for Chess Updates

There are various websites and smartphone applications where the fans can get all the news and updates related to chess. The advancement in technology has enabled us to get all real-time information of various events and tournaments of chess. Nowadays, we have easy access to live streaming of many major tournaments and getting the highlights in case we missed any match. Statistical information, highlights, expert’s view, pre, and post-match analysis, result prediction, and many other features are available on various websites and smartphone applications. Here is the list of a few top websites for chess news:

  • SportsCafe: It is one of the best platforms in the market of sports news and analysis. Here, you can find the live score, match report, pre and post-match analysis, and all recent chess updates. It is a one-stop platform to get all the news for not only chess but also for all other major sports in the world. The list of sports news available on this website is cricket, tennis, badminton, kabaddi, hockey, boxing, wrestling, shooting, archery, chess, squash, athletics, and many others. SportsCafe android app is also available for smartphones. Other major characteristic features of the platform are:
  • SportsCafe Tips
  • SportsCafe Reviews
  • SportsCafe Originals
  • Real-time access
  • Engaging features
    • If you are only interested in chess then is the website for you. On this website, you can get access to all chess events and major updates. Here you can also play online chess and rate your favorite player. This website not only provides you with news updates but also provides a learning platform for visitors. There are articles, insights, lessons, and videos available on the website that might improve your understanding of chess. The Android application of is also available for smartphones.
  • With the vision to deliver the world’s best chess experience, the website contains many attractive features. All news and updates of the game are available here, along with quality features to watch live tournaments, shows, and video series. It covers the whole tournament of the Chess Olympics in a very comprehensive manner. In addition, the website provides a shopping feature where you can easily purchase chess-related eBooks, Vouchers, and Merchandise.
  • ESPN: ESPN website and android application is a globally famous online platform to get all news and updates of any sports. ESPN covers all major chess events and tournaments comprehensively. It provides the news as well as pre and post match analysis. The major chess tournaments like Tata Steel Chess Tournament, Norway Chess, Sinquefield Cup, London Chess Classic, Chess World cup, U.S. Chess Championship, Chess Olympics, etc., are covered by ESPN.
  • It is a great online platform where you can get access to all news of major chess events. You can read the news as well as watch the important events. Another unique feature of the website is that you can broadcast your events on the website. It also provides you with a great platform to play online chess as well as to learn the game.


It is believed that an early form of chess was invented in India. Over the last few decades, many Indian chess players have achieved victories in major global chess events. Viswanathan Anand, an Indian chess grandmaster, is a prime example for Indians. Advancement in modern technologies has shifted the mindset of many people towards virtual sporting activities. Online platforms and smartphone applications have revolutionized the sports industry. Now the internet and online websites are the new media of news platforms.


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