Ways to Improve your golf swing overnight!


Golf is one sport that seems to drive so many nuts, professionally speaking. After all, all you gotta do is to take a look at the Ryder cup and the millions in prize money to figure out the reason what drives so many mad. It is not every year that you get to see professional sports persons act crazy but apart from cricket and football, this is the only one that hits all the top spots and for the most inane of reasons, money, fame, and glory. But it is easy to see why so many are interested in this sport, apart from the notion of starting with handicaps, it also has the dubious honor of being the only sport that has managed to include dubious terrain and stormy weather as part of its gaming itinerary. But if you are seriously into this sport and looking for ways to improve that golf swing, then do read on,

  • Keep the height low: If you are looking for ways to improve the golf swing, then you need to realize that you need to limit your followthrough. You need to keep the height of your swing low, and this would, in turn, limit the ball flight. So if you are near the hole, and it is just twenty yards away, you may want to limit the shot to a certain height. This, in turn, would prevent the ball from taking flight and can help to concentrate your shot, while getting you closer to the hole, from where you can safely put it in.
  • Line up the spine with the forearm: When it comes to taking the shot of your career, you just need to make sure that you line up your spine with your forearm, to improve the golf swing. Just make sure that as you swing your arm, it strikes the ball on the follow-through and the shot goes according to the plan. And more than that, your left wrist must be flat, and the elbows must form a triangle. That should ensure that as long as you line up the shot, it would not miss and instead strike the ball as planned. Just note that your right forearm is parallel to your spine – that means that you have lined them up, your forearm, and your spine perfectly.
  • Use your body: Most amateur golfers tend to assume that the power comes from the swing and by extension, your forearms. Nothing could be further from the truth – as every professional golfer knows, the power of the swing comes from the body and not just from the arms. So learn to use your body, learn to tap into that to power up your swing.
  • Hinge your wrists: As every pro golfer out there would tell you when it comes to hitting neat, crisp shots, you need to hinge your wrists. And you must start with a small, controlled swing at the 45-degree angle, as this can enable you to hinge and control your other shots perfectly. You would have got the hinge perfect, once your left arm is parallel to the ground. And as you get the hinge right, you’ll notice that your strike rate would have improved considerably.

These are some of the ways that you can improve your golf swing overnight.


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