Useful tools for website loading speed and ads campaigns control


Every website visitor will definitely choose a website that will load faster than its counterparts. This is important for everyday life. And various studies have shown that the loading speed of a website should be as fast as possible so that it loads from 1 to 3 seconds. And it’s almost vital for mobile websites. Especially considering that Google has switched its rating system to mobile priority. This means that the faster websites optimized for mobile devices load, the higher their rating.

Website loading speed monitoring

Waiting for a website to load slowly can seem like an eternity when you’re trying to get some vital information. And research conducted repeatedly by various companies shows that visitors are not ready to wait for a page to load for more than 3 seconds. Therefore, a website that loads slowly can cost your business very serious losses. At the same time, losses can be both financial and reputational, not to mention the loss of the website audience and potential customers.

Website loading speed monitoring


To find out the causes of problems with the loading speed of the website, it is necessary to conduct a full-scale diagnosis. You can use, for example, the Host Tracker service, which is primarily designed for daily round-the-clock monitoring of a website. If you use this service, it will allow you to carry out a lot of checks in a short time. This approach allows you to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort. Using this tool, you will always be aware of the status of your website. And you will be able to react quickly if the download speed becomes slow.

Google services and website loading speed

Google search services, as a rule, remove websites with low download speeds from ad blocks and queues. If the speed of access to a website is very low, Google Ads will also block its advertising campaign. Therefore, it is important not only to look for potential accessibility threats, but also to pay attention to the loading speed of the website. 

Google services and website loading speed

Google research shows that the loading speed of a website should be from 1 to 3 seconds. But from the point of view of conversions and usability, all that matters is how fast the page loads the way the user needs it right after logging in to the website. This can only account for 30% of all content and features.

Advertising campaigns are one of the biggest items of expenditure for any business. Especially for startups and online stores. Company owners invest huge amounts of money in this area. But Google suspends Adwords advertising campaigns on websites only if they are completely inaccessible to users or if their access speed is very low. If a website is available but is not working properly, Google will not suspend its advertising campaign. And in order to resume and launch advertising campaigns, website owners will need to contact the Adwords support service. And then they will have to wait until it becomes active again. 

Google Ads related website monitoring

Those above are also reasons to monitor your website. And you can easily set up a special HostTracker service that will track Ads campaigns. This will result in the suspension of subscriptions to Google services. And when the webmaster or technical specialist restores the stability of the website, this system will return the advertising campaign to online mode.


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