Useful Options to Get a Toasty Bathroom


Apparently the most creative ideas you get in your life is when you are in your bathroom. So, we are not wrong if we say that you actually spend quality time of your life in your bathrooms. Be it deeply thinking about a certain decision of your life or just relaxing after attending a tiresome meeting, the time spent in your bathroom enjoying a hot soak in the tub or standing under the shower letting the cold water relax you, the refreshing energy you get in a bathroom cannot be denied. That is why you spend so much on the luxurious and functional fixtures that are to be added to this space. But what about heating the bathroom? Don’t you want to get those creative ideas during the long winter months as well?

What are the different heating systems that you can install in your bathrooms?

A properly designed and updated bathroom should also have an up-to-date heating system to make you feel most comfortable in this space. That is why you should contact Heatwell LTD for bathroom heating solutions of all kinds and types. They even provide ten years warranty with their products and services which is actually an added perk. Now if you want to know the types of heating systems suitable for your bathroom, keep reading.

  • Portable bathroom space heaters — The portable bathroom space heaters are easy to use and lightweight systems that you can detach and attach anywhere you want in your bathroom. You just require an electric socket to plug it in and switch it on. The space around this heater will be heated as long as the switch is on. But these electronic heaters are not at all safe if left unattended.
  • Underfloor heating — The safest, common, and preferable kind of heating for your bathroom is an underfloor heating system. You have to call the experts to install these heaters before laying the tiles in this area. These not only provide you a heated floor when you walk into the bathroom, but even the temperature of your bathroom stays regulated and under control.
  • Bathroom wall heaters —Bathroom wall heaters are again very much safe and can be installed very conveniently in the bathrooms. They require very less space and therefore are highly convenient and recommended even for small bathrooms. The walls in your bathroom are heated because of this heating system and even the temperature inside this area remains regulated. But you just have to remember when installing the bathroom wall heaters that the area around this wall should not be of combustible materials as the risk of catching fire because of this system can be very high.
  • Bathroom ceiling heaters — You even have the option of installing bathroom ceiling heaters. Yes, they are a bit expensive but a very wise choice if you don’t have any appliance or electrical connections hanging from the ceiling of your bathrooms. These provide centralized heating to your bathroom and that is why our highly convenient and recommended by most of the interior designers.

We think you have enough options to consider when installing the heating system in your bathroom. Now pick one of them and enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious bathroom even in icy weather.


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