Trending Bar Designs in Dubai

Bar Designs in Dubai

Today in bars and any other food dine-in, the quality of the foodstuff is not enough to satisfy your customers, but the interior designs also matter a lot. And that is where interior design Dubai companies come to the rescue. To please your customers and build the best bars in Dubai, you have to design the interiors of your bar perfectly.

Popular Designs for Bars in Dubai

Trends in interior designs keep changing from time to time so as bar interior designs. Use trendy designs in your bar for a top-notch interior. You don’t need to worry because we will tell you the best trending bar designs in Dubai these days, so let’s go,

Beachside Bars

One of the most trending bar designs in Dubai is beachside bars. These bars are constructed in beachside locations, and they offer a peaceful beachy vibe to the customers. Create the best beachside restaurant with a fine beachy theme inside out with the help of the best interior design Dubai companies. Make a bar counter of pebble stones or bamboo sticks and leaves to suit the beachy theme. Use light wooden furniture and dim lights to give an outclass look to your beachside bar. Some décor pieces made from seashells in the bar or counter will indeed work as a cherry on top.

Biophilic Designs in Bars

Biophilic designs are no more restricted to restaurants but bars also. Although biophilic bars are rare yet why not be the one in a million? If you are a nature lover, bring nature inside your bar and provide your customers with a fresh and pleasant ambiance. Add several plant pots in your bar, including the seating area, near the counter and entrance. Try using curves and mystery designs efficiently in your biophilic bar for an exceptional bar interior.

Bar VS Music Studio

Who doesn’t love music? In Dubai, music studio-themed bars are in a big trend these days. Set up a music corner in the bar with all kinds of latest musical instruments (piano, violin, guitars, and so on). Hire a talented music band for playing outstanding music in your bar to impress the customers. Create a high-end interior design of your bar by using antique musical instruments as showpieces and décor. We are sure that every music lover will adore the interior of your phenomenon music bar studio.

Neon bars

Most people prefer going to bars at night, which is why neon bars are almost every customer’s favorite. Go with the trend and customer’s liking and make your ordinary bar a unique neon bar. Frequently use neon strip lights in your bar counter, such as under the shelves and counter floor. Install neon lights on every corner of your bar, even under the tables and seats. If you have a dance floor in your neon bar, make a transparent dance floor with neon lights for a flawless neon-themed bar. This neon theme will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impression of your bar on the customers.

Rooftop bars

In Dubai, not just rooftop restaurants but rooftop bars are also in trend. Create a rooftop bar and offer your customers a fresh and open atmosphere. Install light and simple furniture and a small plant pot on the table. Install false wooden ceilings to give a fantastic yet stylish appearance to your open-air bar. Don’t forget to decorate the top with plants vines or flower vines as they are easy eye-catchers.

Bar and the pool

Bar and pool is undoubtedly an unusual combination, but it can make your bar stand out from the crowd. Make a pool in the open-air area of your bar with a separate bar counter near the pool. Your customers will definitely love to enjoy their drink while near the pool or relaxing their feet in the pool. You can also build an indoor pool if you are short on open-air space. This design will demand minimal decorations in the bar because the pool will effortlessly grab every single person’s attention.


Use any of the above trending designs for an exceptional bar interior in Dubai. These trending designs will no doubt attract more business and customers to your bar. Exotic Interior Studio is one of the most renowned interior design Dubai companies, and they will help you create an up-to-the-mark interior design for your bar.


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