Trek to Bhrigu Lake: Dos and Don’ts!




In the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India, at an elevation of roughly 4,300 meters (14,100 feet), there is a lake known as Bhrigu Lake. It is around 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from Gulaba hamlet and is situated east of Rohtang Pass. [Wikipedia source]

The walk lasts one to three days. Depending on your schedule and ascent rate. Because of the final elevation of 14,100 feet, the Bhrigu Lake Trip is a high-altitude trek.

Gulaba is where the hike begins. However, many travelers also begin their journey in Vashist for a lengthier total journey.

Where is Gulaba located? Take a personal cab from Manali Chowk or a regularly scheduled shared car service.


  • Trek’s ease is moderate.


You won’t need a map; the path is largely marked. Even better, you can travel independently and get directions from locals along the way. However, I would personally advise taking a guide.


How to assemble a bag

Well, the answer to that question mostly relies on your travel style, including how many companions and/or guides you have.

Pack lightly. Pack layers of warm clothing, such as a down jacket, gloves, fleece, warm pants, and waterproof pants. Bring a poncho with you to protect yourself from the rain. The remainder of the equipment will be provided by the trek organizer and at the campsites. Read on for more information.

In Manali, several companies, like Himalayan Backcountry Adventures, conduct treks with more adaptable itineraries. They will travel with tools for quickly cooking hot food. Tents and other supplies will be available upon request. Alternatively, you could bring your sleeping bag or tent.

Pack lightly. Unless you want to carry energy bars and biscuits, avoid carrying extra food. Pack warm clothing in addition to other necessities like sunscreen, tissue paper, wet wipes, and toothbrushes. Wear sturdy hiking boots, and if you’re a photographer, leave the camera at home:)If you’ve made up your mind to complete the walk without using any assistance. Bring the following items:


  • blanket-filled mattress (to go under your sleeping bag, buy here)


  • bag for sleeping (for a minimum of zero degrees temperature at least, buy here)


  • Rucksack (Min 60 L , buy here)


  • Protective poncho for the rain (buy here)


  • Flashlight


  • ski goggles


  • Wet wipes, a toothbrush, tissue paper, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, etc.


  • layered clothing


  • hiking boots with ankle stability and water resistance


  • Water-resistant hiking pants


  • Food, and if you plan to cook, butane burners


The best time to hike

If you want to climb on the snow, the ideal months to go on the hike are May and June. If you want to view the lake without snow and the meadows in blossom, the best time to go is between July and September.

Visit the source post to view this material.

Although the Bhrigu Lake Trek usually begins in May, there weren’t many hikers at this time (I visited on 14th May 2017). Food was never available anywhere. And there is no water source past Rola Kholi. If you’re going solo, allocate your resources properly.


Dos and Don’ts for the walk to Bhrigu Lake

If you’re carrying your tent, balance the rucksack’s weight properly to prevent it from impeding your ascent. To occasionally recuperate from the weight, share the load with your buddies. If you’re traveling alone, try to carry as little baggage as you can.

Make sure you are physically healthy and capable of running for at least a month before the expedition. Eat enough meals and completely hydrate your body before the climbing day. Do your best to eat more carbohydrates than any other kind of meal.

If you’ve never travelled at a high altitude, speak with your doctor to assess your health before starting. Get a prescription for Diamox and consider taking it to prevent AMS. It should be taken in the morning and at night, half a tablet each time. Consume at least 2 L of water by itself with it to stay hydrated at all times.

Carry snow goggles if you’re trekking near Bhrigu Lake during a season when there is a chance of snowfall or snow cover on the top to avoid momentary blindness from the sun reflecting off the snow.

Nowhere throughout the walk are there any food sources. Like me, if cooking is not your thing, Nutella and toast make a good substitute. To keep yourself filled for longer, think about packing multigrain or wheat bread.


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