Top Players To Win The Super Bowl MVP Award

Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award

The super bowl most valuable player award goes to the player who determines the championship team in the National Football League (NFL) game. The player should have emerged as a valuable player in every season. When the National Football League and the super bowl end up, the winner will receive the award.

The player who gets the super bowl most valuable player award must have given out their best and have positively contributed to the game’s performance. The fans and the media members will choose the winners to get the award after collaborating.

Generally, 80% of the votes should be from the media while 20% from the fans. The fans have got a chance to vote online for their best player during the game. The Super Bowl is the most popular game in which many bettors place their bet in the United States.

Other than the NFL games every week, many super bowls are betting that you can place when the game is in progress. The bets are commonly known as proposition bets. For example, if you want to predict the time, it will take to sing a national anthem, if the initial play will be a pass or a run, etc.

To know the top players who won the super bowl most valuable player award, we need to dig deep into the super bowl history. You will know all the top super bowl MVP players and when they managed to win it.

The history of the super bowl most valuable player award for the 2020 winners

The Super Bowl is amongst the popular proposition bets in the United States. However, various players have won the super bowl most player award. The most current player in the super bowl MVP winners is known to be Patrick Mahomes.

Even though he managed to win, there were many controversies because Patrick did not outdo other players. Several people thought that the Chief’s champ, RB Damien Williams, deserved more than Patrick Mahomes. Damien Williams had made 17 attempts, 104 yards, and 26 yards.

It happened on two touchdowns and four catches. Mahomes is only 23 years old, which gives him a chance to be on the list of super bowl most valuable player award in the seasons to come. 

The 44 out of 54 trophies have gone to the player who has the offensive skills position. There is a running back who has managed to win the trophy about seven times. However, there were ten defensive players, with one special one holding the trophy. Desmond Howard managed to win the super bowl XXXI, thus making a record of 90 punt return yards. 

There is also a touchdown with 154 kickoff return yards. On the other hand, Tom Brady is the patriot quarterback with four super bowl most valuable award. Joe Montana has got three super bowl awards from 1982, 1985, and 1990.

There are three more players who have won the award two times. They are Bart Starr, Eli Manning, and Terry Bradshaw. Randy White and Harvey Martin from the Dallas Cowboys were the co- MVPs of Super Bowl XII. Also, a player took the award from a losing team, which was one of the amazing things with the super bowl.

Chuck Howley won the super bowl most valuable player award even though he was from a losing team. By that time, he was from the Dallas Cowboys in 1971. However, let us now go into details on the people who won super bowl MVP and those who did not win.

Top players to win the super bowl most valuable player award

Various players managed to win the super bowl MVP award. Here is the list containing the top players who made history for winning the super bowl award.

  1. Tom Brady, who was from a quarterback position. He managed to win four super bowl MVPs in super bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, and LI. 
  2. Joe Montana was from a quarterback position where he managed to win three super bowl most valuable player award in super bowl XVI, XIX, XXIV.
  3. Terry Bradshaw, from the quarterback position, won two super bowl MVPs. It was in super bowl XIII and XIV.
  4. Eli Manning from quarterback position won two super bowl MVPs, in super bowl XLII and XLVI.
  5. Bart Starr from a quarterback position. He managed to win super bowl MVPs in super bowl I and II.

The above list contains the top super bowl players who managed to win in different super bowl seasons. The list for the other super bowl players can continue depending on the season the super bowl took place.

Final words

Players who win in a super bowl game deserve a super bowl most valuable player award. The award motivates most players by showing how they put a lot of effort into winning the game. The top super bowl MVPs awards go to players like Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, and Bart Starr.


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