Top ideas for corporate annual day celebration

corporate annual day celebration

With more and more companies and business houses opting for the online route to conduct their events, virtual event platforms are rapidly growing in popularity. However, making virtual events as engaging as physical events can be intimidating. This article provides you with a list of some of the best virtual annual day celebration ideas.

Virtual Bingo

Any party or celebration is incomplete without a set of fun games. One of the most popular games that can be played virtually is Bingo. To add a bit more fun and laughter, you can tweak the traditional game and add generalized statements related to the past year of the employees and ask them to strike down the tasks they have accomplished. Moreover, keep the prompts generic to provide everyone with a chance to win. For instance, the statements could include –

  • Achieved a life goal in the past year
  • Kept my last year’s resolution
  • Threw a grand party
  • Came to the office on time every day
  • Played a prank on someone

Virtual Never Have I Ever

A never have I ever game can never go out of style. It is a perfect way to add fun, laughter and surprise to your event. It is one of the best and most popular annual day celebration ideas. Ask all attendees to hold up ten fingers and take turns to say a prompt each. Further, all the attendees who have ever performed the activity will lower one finger. This will help the attendees bond and know their colleagues better. Some of the prompts you can use for a Never Have I Ever game –

  • Slept early
  • Broke a new year resolution
  • Crashed a New year’s eve party
  • Spilt champagne on myself
  • Pranked anyone

Online Dance Party

Can you imagine a party or a celebration without dancing? Well, the simple answer to this question is ‘No’. You do not have to miss out on all the dancing at a physical annual day celebration. You can organize a virtual dance party. In addition to that, you can play your favourite playlist and ask everyone to show their best moves. You can also add an element of competition by giving the attendees a minute and asking them to dance. The best dancer can be awarded a discount voucher or a month’s subscription to an OTT platform.

Virtual Costume Competition

The most exciting part of any event is the smart and classy dresses. Therefore, you can arrange a virtual costume competition to avoid missing out on the excitement. Ask the attendees to don chic attire for the annual day celebration. This will help the virtual attendees get into the party mood and recreate the experiences of visiting a physical annual day celebration.

Online Awards Night

What could be a better occasion to organize an awards night than an annual day. Annual days are celebrated at the end of every year. This is the perfect time to reward your employees for their hard work. Moreover, organizing an awards night plays a dual purpose of adding excitement to your virtual event and making the employees feel appreciated. Moreover, it also acts as a motivation for the employees to give their 100%. This is also one of the best town hall meeting ideas. Another great virtual award ceremony idea is to organize funky awards like the latecomer, angry bird, singer, comedian, etc.

Virtual Charades

You must have played charades once in your lifetime and must have enjoyed it a lot. But do you know, you can play charades virtually? Well, including charades to the list of your annual day celebration ideas is a great idea. It will help keep the attendees engaged and add a fun element. You can also add a twist to the game by enacting your bosses or mimicking your colleagues. This would help make your party super fun.

Virtual Photo Booth

A virtual photo booth is a must-have feature in any party or event. What fun would a party be without beautiful pictures? Photos are a great way to capture memories, and having a virtual photo booth will save the attendees from missing out on the excitement of getting Instagram worthy photos. Moreover, having a virtual photo booth will add to the attendee’s excitement and help them stay engaged throughout the event.

Virtual Karaoke Sessions

Virtual karaoke sessions are great to identify the hidden talents of your employees and co-workers. Additionally, you can use online karaoke apps to get the track of a song of your choice and sing along with the music. Virtual karaoke helps the attendees get in the party mood and enjoy themselves. It will also help them create memories and bond with their co-workers.

Share an Office Story

Annual day celebrations are incomplete without a recap of the previous year. Therefore, to add an extra fun element to your online annual day celebration, you can ask the attendees to share an in-office story to recall the fun and happy moments. Moreover, sharing office stories will help everyone relate to it and make the event engaging and fun. It will keep the participants interested in the celebration.

Ice-breaking Activities

Imagine a party or an annual day celebration where the attendees feel uncomfortable or shy to interact with others. Would it be fun? The simple answer is ‘No’. Therefore, it is crucial to get a good event host onboard. You can also use more than one ice-breaking activity to make the attendees comfortable and enjoy the event. You can start the event with a generalized question that requires the attendees to speak and interact. Some of the best ice-breaking activities are –

  • Virtual home tour
  • Virtual neighbourhood tour
  • The time machine
  • The bucket list
  • Champagne tasting
  • Gift bag reveal
  • Riddles
  • Rock, paper, scissors
  • Would you rather?
  • Never Have I Ever

Final Words

There are various ways to make your virtual corporate annual day celebration fun and engaging. Since it is your event, you can get as creative as you want and add your ideas to the celebration list. Hope, this article helped you get a better insight into the ideas for an online corporate annual day celebration.


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