Top 7+ Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platforms 2022


Top 7+ Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platforms 2022 Platforms for payment using crypto are available that use cryptocurrency are becoming more sought-after and have been awe-inspiring to more users across the globe.

A range of reliable cryptocurrency payment platforms allow users to transfer bitcoins and receive bitcoins as along with other crypto coins. These are the top five platforms that we consider to be the best for crypto payment gateways. are listed in this article. Before you go on to read, you should get some facts about the cryptocurrency payment gateway and the benefits it offers!

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

A cryptocurrency payment gateway that is powered by the blockchain platform that allows users to make and receive payments with bitcoin as well as other currencies. The goal is to create an online payment platform for cryptocurrency which can enhance the process of paying by reducing the number of third-party companies that are involved. It is also expected to increase the use of cryptocurrency frequently.

So Why Use a Blockchain-Powered Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

Utilizing a Blockchain ecosystem to offer an essential base to the crypto payment gateways are extremely secure, and therefore more secure than traditional payment gateways that are online. Additionally, it allows you to conduct international transactions using different currencies between suppliers, distributors, and consumers for only a fraction of the cost.

Control and Negotiate Agreements

Smart contracts can be used to control and negotiate agreements for the payment of parties. When a rules for contracts has been established, smart contracts can verify the legitimacy of the transactions and then transfer them to the correct the counterparty. This allows an increased level of automation, and no need for human beings to be involved.

Smart contracts can also be used to audit purposes , which enhances the security of the payment process, and create a security layer.

The security enhancements will provide merchants with security when switching to a non-centralized payment processor, and aid in selecting the payment gateway faster. Users will feel more relaxed and are more likely take advantage of a payment option in the event that they feel confident the transactions they make are secure by hackers.

Benefits of using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to pay for:

  • Your business can benefit from a safe payment option that is accessible 24/7 all year round.
  • World-wide payments can be also possible which allows you to track the time.
  • Your company will be able to gain an international customer base
  • Your business will earn more money and incurs fewer expenses, which results in less costs from credit or debit cards and less risk of risk of fraud.
  • This provides your company with the opportunity to keep an amount of profit that can be invested in BTC to invest in. This can be beneficial to your company over the long term.
  • Your company and you can have the opportunity of “Be Your Own Bank (BYOB)’.

Top 7+ Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platforms:

Here’s a list of the best seven payment gateways that accept cryptocurrency that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make payments towards retailers. These payment gateways support the majority of cryptocurrency.

1.Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange platforms across the world. Apart from trading, you can also trade Bitcoin with Coinbase as well as utilize Coinbase for accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for your business. Coinbase offers an exchanger program that can be utilized by companies to begin receiving Bitcoin that lets you make payments for transactions using Bitcoin and later convert it into fiat currency, which will protect you from the fluctuation of prices.

It is thought to be the safest and well-known platform for the bitcoin market because it is able to provide an online payment system that is available to the 32 nations. It is 100% secure compared to other platforms.

Information on this Platform

  • There is no transaction cost to accept cryptocurrency.
  • You can transfer and receive cryptocurrency swiftly and without delay
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and OpenCart It’s all you need to do is add an eCommerce shopping cart extension.
  • For the owners of websites you can include an option for payment on your website.
  • Email bills to the address of payment.
  • The API is integrated using an API that is advanced.
  • Two-factor authentication systems provide complete security.
  1. BitPay

BitPay is the most popular Bitcoin payment processor located within the United States since the early days of Bitcoin in 2011.

Through the BitPay application, you’ll be able to take Bitcoin as a payment option to integrate with more than 50 the most popular e-commerce, point-of-sale, and retail platforms, and then convert it into eight international fiat currencies that can be used to fund banks in over 40 different countries. Bitpay also offers Bitcoin Debit Cards that facilitate transactions from fiat to cryptocurrency. The features provided are safe and sophisticated, allowing you to pay for transactions using cryptocurrency.

Information on this Platform

  • It is a set of open-source plugins that designed for retail and eCommerce platforms.
  • All payments can be made with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.
  • It allows Bitcoin donation.
  • Mechanism for POS allows bitcoin be transformed into eight currencies.
  • It is accepted worldwide and allows bank deposit across 38 countries.
  • Multilingual with support for more than 40 languages in the world.
  • API platform is an easy-to-interact interface.
  • Two-factor authentication systems provide total security.
  • Multi-user facility.
  • There are a number of processing speeds that can meet your needs.
  • It is compatible with the majority of Bitcoin cash wallets.
  • Transactions are notified through SMS or via email.
  1. CoinGate

CoinGate allows you to your company accept Bitcoin/altcoin payments and pay for payments with fiat and digital currency.

It provides a range of solutions for various types of business requirements, including E-commerce-specific plugins APIs, point of Sale applications that have payment buttons that function on different platforms, including the web, Android, and iOS. It also permits altcoin payments by using ShapeShift and ShapeShift integration.

The main thing to remember about it is its price changes in every sixty seconds. It supports and process Bitcoin as well as over 40 other digital currency. It’s far superior to any other cryptocurrency payment system since it allows you to effortlessly transfer money between dollars and euros.

Information on this Platform

  • POS apps that run across various platforms, including web browsers Android apps along with iOS.
  • It also contains plug-ins to eCommerce websites.
  • Shapeshift integration that is able to accommodate a variety of alternative coins.
  • Integration in real-time with E-commerce
  • Multi-user facility
  1. CoinPayments

CoinPayments was launched at the end of 2013 and has since become now one of the most trusted cryptocurrency payment services accessible. With Coinpayments you can make payments for more than 1480 different cryptocurrency currencies, such as Bitcoin and many more.

CoinPayment has a selection of shopping cart plugins that are pre-made that you can use to create your merchant account at your store, or create the account yourself. CoinPayments provide multi-cryptocurrency accounts to ensure that you can keep the crypto currencies you use in a secure and safe wallet.

Information on this Platform

  • Merchants are able to accept up to 1200 dollars at an amount of 0.5 percent fee.
  • It includes tools and plugins for the most well-known web carts
  • An unique and distinctive $tag (pay by name) to accept the money from any coin.
  • It works with GAP600 rapid confirmations which makes Bitcoin transactions faster.
  • Airdrops of coins and tokens.
  • Automated conversion of coins as well as multi-coin wallets.


SpectroCoin is among the most trusted Bitcoin payment processors for companies that reside within Europe regions. They have an extensive customer base and offer a variety of options for businesses.

They would like to design alternative payment options for business and consumers all over the world by using their existing solutions, including e-commerce plugins, Bitcoin payment processing APIs and a variety of payment Integration software.

Information on this Platform

  • It is compatible with more than 30 crypto currencies around the world
  • It allows for large withdrawals and deposit limits based on the requirements.
  • It also includes plug-ins for e-commerce such as Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce.
  • Offers a Bitcoin debit card.
  • The SpectroCoin API enables you to buy and trade bitcoins, as well as other currencies.

GoUrl is an open-source project that offers exclusive Bitcoin payment options for users around the globe. They are located in Dominica in Dominica, Dominican Commonwealth. Dominica offers already-built APIs and plug-ins for E-commerce as well as free customer support to GoUrl integrations into payment.

Information on this Platform

  • An ID with a valid photo or proof of bank account is required.
  • This wallet comes completely free and there are no charges.
  • GoUrl Monetiser allows you to sell URLs for music, videos, images, text, and other online content as exchanges for cryptocurrency currencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, and more.
  • Enhance the performance of your Bitcoin box with JSON, as well as JQuery.
  • Earn money through the sale of your product or earning bitcoins through downloading.
  • Third-party E-commerce plug-ins such as WooCommerce and others.
  • Earn money by registering on the website.
  • Earn money through the participation in affiliate programs as well as other.
  1. CoinsBank

CoinsBank is a payment gateway that is powered by blockchain. It is capable of being connected to debit cards with the movement or swiping of fingers. The mobile application is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile phones.

Information on this Platform

  • Rapid withdrawals and deposits.
  • Two-factor authentication for that your money is secure.
  • Exchange of funds is easy and simple to perform with most current rates in the market.
  • It works with the major fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP Russian Ruble, and USD.
  • Free transfer is available all hours of the day to transfer money to friends and family.
  • Help for clients 24/7.
  • The world’s largest exchange service that lets customers to trade at a low risk, and to earn the most profit.

A few other payment gateways that accept cryptocurrency are:

  • Blockonomics
  • B2BinPay
  • information
  • TripleA
  • BTCPay Server
  • SpicePay
  • Shopify Gateway
  • ALFAcoins
  • Confirmo
  • NOWPayments

Finally, The Insights

This list of crypto payment gateways isn’t comprehensive because there are numerous well-known platforms successful in gaining market share and get a lot of attention in 2020. But, our top five choices are worth your consideration. it’s your duty to select the most appropriate crypto payment processor.

Are you ready to develop your own cryptocurrency-based payment gateway like Coinbase, Bitpay? It does not matter what it is if it’s a payment gateway application, cryptocurrency wallet development, or any other blockchain or cryptocurrency-related project you’ve been thinking about Please share your thoughts with our company that creates cryptocurrency. We’ll assist you to in achieving it.

About Developcoins

Developcoins are the most reputable company for developing cryptocurrency payment gateways with a wealth of experience in creating cryptocurrency wallets. We have plenty of expertise in the creation of payment gateways that integrate with Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Our main area of focus is the integration of Bitcoin gateways as well as various other gateways for cryptocurrency.

We offer custom-designed multi-currency and secure online and mobile wallets, with UX/UI designs to be frequently used. We also provide crypto payment options using QR Code, NFC or URL options for international customers. Our team of developers will ensure your hot and cold wallets are able to be integrated into payment gateway platforms.


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