Top 4 Amazing Feature Wall Designs to Add in Your Home Décor


No matter how many characters are present in a movie, the entire show is judged on how the main protagonist performs! Similarly, though you have four walls in your house and your ceiling being plus one, the entire décor of the place is highly emphasized by the feature wall! We also call it an accent wall in the interior decorating language. And even all the experts in this field highly specify the need to decorate this wall wonderfully so that the entire beauty of the room looks captivating.

The best ideas to decorate your accent/feature wall

There is this misconception that you can have only one accent wall in a specific room. But you couldn’t be more wrong here. You can as well have two feature walls in a room and both of them could be decorated in a different way and dramatically opposite each other. But yes, the wall that looks more catchy grabs the attention of the visitors in this room. So, if you intend to create one or maybe two fantastic feature walls in your  room, then we have listed some of the best ideas for it below:

  • Brick feature wall — Back to basics is the new mantra in the interior decorating world. You will see the designers going crazy over all the items and ideas that our forefathers used centuries back. And brick is one of those components which have gracefully made a re-entry in the decor world. So, if you want to add life to your room, then go for bricks on the accent wall and create a dynamic feature in your room
  • Mirror feature wall —Mirrors have a nice reflective power. They tend to reflect everything that is presented to them. So, if you are adorning one of your walls with only a mirror (of course with a nice design on it) and keeping the other walls nicely decorated, then the entire beauty of the room would be displayed on this feature wall of yours. So, don’t you think it would look really astounding in the place.
  • Geometric painted feature wall — Don’t you dare underestimate the power of paints! These colorful shades have this unique property of bringing life to any dull surface. So, when you are using the power of colors on your feature wall, it is obviously going to come out really well. What we suggest is that you go for geometric shapes painted nicely on this accent wall. You won’t believe the fantastic outcome that you will get after this easy step. There are house painters in Auckland like Auckland Premium Painters who can do this kind of paintwork exceptionally well and bring life to your room.
  • Wooden feature wall — If you want to have an elegant décor in your room, then add the feature of wood to your accent wall. The wooden panels on this wall are not only to give this room a fantastic feel but also helps in making all the other walls look charming as well.

Having a feature wall in all of your rooms is imperative. And if you are as it is giving so much empathy on this wall, why not make it iconic using these tips?


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