Tips To Look Younger Than Your Age


Who doesn’t want to look ageless while aging with every birthday? Even the most non-narcissistic people have the desire to look younger than their actual age. The key to acing this aim lies in putting efforts to take care of your body, skin, mind, and soul from an early stage of life.

Your lifestyle and fitness are a reflection of your youth. If you want that reflection to not fade with age, you have to make some not-so-easy changes in your daily life from today. 

We hope you don’t want saggy skin and premature wrinkles on your forehead and cheek. If what we hope is true, you must start following the tips to look younger than your age mentioned in this post. 

Note that just like waist trainers are an essential part of achieving an hourglass figure, these tips are a part of being youthful while aging with the passing time. 

Can aging be graceful, youthful, and beautiful? 

Our society puts immense pressure on women to look a certain way, feel a certain way all the time. They restrain women, confine women, and put them in neat boxes. However, aging is imperative. It is an accumulation of wisdom and life-changing experiences. Our society often forgets the privileges of growing old and only pay heed to how to look graceful. 

Aging shouldn’t just be about looking beautiful. It is also about realizing what suits your mind and body over the years. It is about having enriching conversations, amicable relationships, and staying at peace with how things are. 

The way you lead your life, the habits you culminate, and the confidence you showcase are the three ways to make aging not just beautiful and graceful but also youthful. 

What are the top eight regular habits that you must imbibe to look younger than your actual age? 

  1. Did you know that a happy, widely smiling face can make you look younger than you are? It has come to notice that people with sulky, solemn, and fearful expressions look older than they are. Hence, our first tip is to keep smiling in the face of hardships and look younger naturally. 

2. As you grow old, your skin begins to lose moisture more and more. So, our next tip to make your skin look younger is to build a habit of consuming grapes as much as you can. Grapes have moisture absorbing and retaining substances called humectants. 

3. One of the most saddening facts about aging is that the hair becomes rougher and coarser with age. Hence, our next tip to make your hair look younger is to apply a smoothening conditioner every time you use shampoo.  

4. Not each one of you is a fan of physical workouts like yoga or other cardio exercises. However, who can resist trying them out when research has proven that aging slows down if you exercise daily. Apparently, with age, the body loses strength and flexibility. Exercises and yoga postures help you regain that strength and elasticity. 

5. Skin dehydration can cause dullness and dryness of the skin. In layman terms, if you don’t drink an ample amount of water every day, you will be responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. So, drinking loads of water is always the key to looking plump and youthful. 

6. You must be aware of the presence of stress hormones in your body. One such stress hormone is called adrenaline. If you want to turn off stress hormones like that, you need to be able to flatten the stress, combat it, and minimize it. The reason is that stress induces aging. 

7. With the passing of each day, you are inching one day closer to the death and damage of your skin cells. So, we advise you to increase the intake of antioxidants as they help in preventing the accelerated form of aging. Antioxidants replenish the dead skin cells. 

8. Lastly, we would like you to inculcate one regular habit for looking younger than you are. The habit is to lower the sugar and salt intake. Instead, we would suggest you switch to a protein-rich diet. 

What are the tips to feel young mentally so that you look the same? 

  • There is a saying that if you feel young, you look young. And the key to feeling young is staying active and creative. Keep learning, keep exposing yourself to different activities. This is one way to stay alive mentally even if you look dead physically as you age. This dynamic of looking duller than you are will change tremendously if you keep doing creative things. 
  • Another tip to staying alive mentally is giving importance to traveling, exploring different places, and interacting with new people. 
  • Our last tip to staying fit mentally so that you look the same to other people is rewiring your brain from time to time. Now, you might ask how you will do this. The answer is playing crossword, sudoku, puzzles, and various other mind/brain games

Top makeup tips to look younger than you are – 

1. After you reach a particular age, your skin becomes dry and lifeless. So, you might want a creamy foundation to reduce the excess dryness. However, we suggest you don’t do that. You don’t need more pigmented makeup on your face. The trick lies in applying a moisturizer before applying a foundation. 

2. Trust us on this one and buy a collagen face cream. 

3. Although dark circles aren’t exclusive to people who have aged and are aging, it is also true that aged people are more prone to have bags under their eyes. So, the time has come to use a concealer. 

4. With age, the skin becomes sensitive. So, you don’t want to tug and pull your skin. You have to take it lightly. This taking lightly agenda includes applying less eye makeup. The trick lies in keeping it simple so that you don’t expose your skin to the harshness of excessive makeup, not even accidentally. 

5. Eyelid skin has the maximum chance of suffering from massive damage because of aging. So, applying SPF on the skin around your eyelids is the best tip anyone can give to make you look younger than you are. 

What are the top hair tips to help you look younger than you are? 

  • The mainstream notion among people is that your hair has to shorten with age. Don’t keep this in mind. However, since with age your energy level goes down exponentially, you might find it feasible to opt for an easily manageable haircut. A mid-length bob cut should solve this issue. 
  • Hair thinning is a common problem faced by women as they grow old. Dark hair can show the hairless portions more prominently which eventually will reveal your real age to the crowd, that is, you have to reverse your dark-colored hair into light-colored hair. This hair tip will help you in looking much younger than you are. 
  • Bangs and fringes are some of the easiest ways to look younger than you are. So, hop into the car, go to a salon, and get them done.

Top fashion tips to look younger than you are – 

1. The right choice of bra will do wonders in making you look younger than you are. You can opt for a bullet bra if you want to flaunt the shape of your waist. Also, never keep one set of bras for too long. Try to purchase a tight-fitting bra every few months. 

2. With age, your body becomes lumpier in appearance. Your waist size might increase. You might need something to lift the bottom portion of your torso. So, what is that something that we are talking about? It is called shapewear. 

3. Be minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry. Don’t overdo it while trying hard to fit in this world where everyone wants to look younger than they are. 

4. Do you know of any fashion piece that will reveal your age more blatantly than any other feature will? It is called shoes. Even if you have crossed off the younger phase of your life, keep on wearing deep-colored, funky, and uplifting statement shoes. 

Our final message to you who wants to remain ageless – 

Since you read this article up to now, we believe you are one of those people who want to age like an old bottle of wine. In the body of this article, we have mentioned some of the best-known tips to look and feel younger while you grow old. These tips have been approved and suggested by trustworthy dermatologists and nutritionists. 

From building a habit of practicing maximum intake of vegetables and fruits regularly (so that your complexion doesn’t make you look as old as you are) to wearing a no-makeup look (so you look fresh, hence, younger), these tips are varied. 

We are sure that there will be a perfect set of tips for everyone. None of you will leave this page without gaining some positive insight on how to look younger than you are. 



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