Tips On How You Can Help Your Child In Preparing 11 Plus Exams


Starting from four, many children prepare hard for the 11 Plus Exams. The 11 Plus exams help a test that classifies the students in different school systems, including grammar schools, independent, and state schools. Getting your child through the 11 plus exams is not easy. Students need to put in lots of hard work to succeed in the 11 plus exams. This blog will look at the different tips and tricks you can apply to 11 plus exams to help your child prepare for these exams. 

It is not simple to pass the 11 Plus test. There is fierce rivalry, and mastering the 11 Plus tests is difficult. The 11 Plus tuition in Reading, UK, includes 11 Plus Maths and 11 Plus English courses and 11 Plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning. On the other hand, your youngster cannot conduct 11 plus preparation at home without 11 plus tutoring in Reading. The 11 Plus curriculum is challenging, and your child will require professional 11 Plus instruction to ace the final examinations. They rely on approved 11 Plus standards and exam boards like CEM and GL Assessments, giving your child the most significant opportunity of getting into Reading’s premier grammar school.

Tips For Parents 11 Plus Exams Help

Parents often believe that only 11 Plus tutors can assist pupils in succeeding in the 11th grade. Parents may assist their youngster study for the 11 Plus exams to help in a variety of methods at home, including:

  • Schedule Revisions Realistically

Making a revision plan will offer your studying structure. It will assist you in organising your time in the most efficient manner possible for you and your timetable. Because you’ll be setting out study periods for each topic, you may add these extra sessions if you discover an 11 Plus test subject you want to explore further. Setting a realistic goal and understanding the limits of what is possible in a single day is also essential.

Assume you’re able to strike a good balance between leisure and revision. Your productivity and motivation will improve. Hence, you’ll be able to revise more efficiently in such a scenario. Schedule your study time for five or seven days a week, although one hour each day is excellent; everyone is different!

  • Objective-Setting

Since goals reflect the months ahead, they are great to start. Start by writing a list of the subjects you’ll be studying for 11 Plus exams help and the grades you want to achieve. Under each difficulty, complete a list of the topics you’ll need to know, question kinds, strategies, and the grade band you’re hoping to achieve. If you do this, you’ll be able to plan out your study sessions and keep track of your progress.

  • Practise With Mock Exams

Exams for the 11 Plus may be challenging and nerve-wracking. Allow lots of opportunities for your child to take sample exam papers at home so that they may learn to pace themselves appropriately. Furthermore, mock tests are excellent for providing youngsters with the necessary practice to feel less worried throughout their actual exams. Run several mock exams online and in-person throughout the year. Parents get a report outlining the test’s strengths and weaknesses and ideas for improvement following the test. Many parents and children regard this experience as the most helpful tool for preparing children for the 11 Plus exams help.

  • Breaks Are Must

Taking regular study breaks is critical when it comes to 11 Plus exams to help preparation. Long study periods may be inefficient since the brain becomes exhausted and loses focus quickly, resulting in poor revision. Instead, divide your study time into 30-45 minute periods with short breaks in between, with no more than 4 hours of study time each day. Instead of trying to remain focused and cover multiple topics for hours on end, you’ll be able to revise more efficiently this way.

  • Think About Online Tuition

There are various tutoring choices available for pupils preparing for the 11 plus exams help. The best option for your youngster depends on their present skill, level of preparation, and personality. Before offering a tuition choice to pupils, children undergo an assessment, which considers all factors. Many students start in a class or course and then move to one-on-one tutoring as the exam date approaches. In addition, parents frequently appreciate professional counsel, and tutoring is an essential component of their child’s exam success.

  • Learning Should Be Fun

Play games like spot the difference and Sudoku to improve critical and logical thinking. With jigsaws and building toys like Meccano and Lego, they may improve their spatial awareness and grasp of how forms relate.


Many of you might be looking for 11 Plus Exams to help your child. However, 11 Plus Exams is an essential part of your child’s education. That said, it doesn’t have to be a difficult time for parents and children.


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