Things to remember during a home inspection


It is natural not to be aware of certain things about home inspection, but it cannot be termed as an excuse. You cannot just sit back and not ask questions to the inspector, saying that you were not knowledgeable about it. Moreover, if you hand over the complete responsibility of home inspection to the professional without checking your dream house, it is total ignorance. 

Hence, we suggest educating yourself about the several significant aspects of home inspection. It could be asking relevant questions to the inspector or hiring an experienced person for the said job. The more you know, the more benefits you seek from the evaluation process. Following are a few things you can consider: 

You cannot do it on your own, no matter how many books about house assessment you read. Similarly, you cannot hire any handyman or a person who claims to be an expert in the job. You need an expert and not a random real estate person. Moreover, you need to have a systematic process of screening, shortlisting, and selecting a home inspector in Prince George for the evaluation. Experience, reviews, certifications, special services – all these matters as a whole. 

  • It is crucial to be present during the home assessment. 

As we said earlier, a house owner or seller who has initiated the inspection cannot sit back and relax and wait for the inspection report. He has to be there at the venue, either physically or virtually. You are supposed to ask questions, be active and participate in the evaluation. Your job is not to intervene with the inspector in the said task but to get your doubts clarified. Certain places in your house could be damaged, and you can seek a thorough explanation only by being present during the process. 

  • It is okay to undergo a home inspection twice. 

Sometimes, an inspector’s report will not be satisfactory, and you will need another opinion. It is okay. Have you ever experienced a similar situation at a doctor? You ask for a second opinion from another specialist. Right? Similarly, all inspectors will not provide the same type of reports. It is based on the intuition level of the professional. You are fortunate if you find a talented person who provides an accurate and unbiased report. But if not, you will need to hire another inspector following the same sequential process. 

Some house owners avoid the assessment process and end up with an inaccurate report. They are confused about whether they should go with the deal or not. Let us not get confused, but more clarified with another inspector’s report. 

  • It is not alright to expect a decision. 

Simplify your ‘why’ when you opt for a home inspection. Do you want it to be a mere formality, or need to make an instant and wise decision? Do you want to understand and learn more about the existing house condition? If your reason is clear, you can understand the report and the overall process much better. Hence, our important suggestion is not to expect a decision, but learn more about your house. 

When you get rid of this requirement while undergoing an assessment, you will seek better results. But if you believe that the inspector will help you in decision-making personally, then it is surely wrong to have that notion in mind. So, get rid of this myth and keep your genuine ‘why’ ready before hiring an expert. 

In short, you can keep the following things in mind during a home inspection. If you seek more knowledge, it will certainly be of advantage. 


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