Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Makeup


Every bride-to-be is treated like a princess on her wedding day by a makeup artist who works wonders. A bridal makeup artist is therefore one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Because your wedding photographers will capture your bridal makeup look for a lifetime, we’re sure you don’t want to make any mistakes. Hence we spoke to some of the leading bridal makeup artist in Delhi to learn the best bridal makeup tips.

Regardless of how much you plan and prepare for your special day, you cannot anticipate the emotions you feel and the unexpected. You know what your attire will be, who will attend, and what you will eat. The only thing you can predict is how you will feel when looking into your loved one’s eyes or how you will react to unexpected moments.

Having a beauty professional do your hair and makeup on your special day is always a great idea since they are experts. Your wedding day isn’t just a regular hair appointment or makeover session. You will have a lot to do between getting ready for the entire wedding ceremony and working with a beauty pro. Our list of things you need to know about getting your hair and makeup done for your wedding day will help you avoid any extra stress.

  • Be Before Time For your Makeup

You’ve had your trial and you know it will take an hour or so. On your wedding day, however, it can take longer. Allow at least an hour between the time you get ready and the time you need to arrive. You will not only have the chance to check and double-check your makeup, but you will also have time to grab a bite or a drink when you see everything is in order.

  • Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist Who Understands You Well

Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi provide the most sound and relevant advice. It is far more important to find a bridal makeup artist who fits and understands a bride-to-be than anything else. You shouldn’t hire someone just because they’re famous, or because they’re cheaper than your budget. Make sure you hire someone whose work you enjoy because your bridal makeup is the most important part of your wedding day.

  • Play Dress-Up At the End

You need makeup, a blouse, a hairstyle, a lehenga, and a dupatta! Makeup comes first. Hairstyle always comes after the blouse. These choices may seem obvious, however, they don’t guarantee your memory of the wedding mayhem. Consider saving it in your phone under “things to check on wedding day” as a reminder.

  • Wash Your Hair A Night Before The Wedding Day

If your hairstylist suggests you wash your hair a night before, make sure you follow their instructions. Depending on what style you’ve selected for the big day, it could be quite different. Freshly washed hair can be too slick for curls or waves, so wash your hair the night before so it will have a little more natural grip. You may not need it if you’re planning just a blow dried style for yourself.

  • Waterproof Mascara For Your Happy Tears

While you are getting ready, you may share a moment with your mother. Perhaps he will put the beautiful ring on your finger. Or maybe during the emotional speeches. But it’s good to know that, at some point, you will shed a tear of joy during such a momentous occasion. In order to ensure your wedding pictures don’t get ruined by spilled mascara, you need a waterproof mascara.





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