The Ultimate Guide to Passing the AgilePM Foundation Exam

AgilePM Foundation exam,

The AgilePM Foundation exam, created by the International Consortium of Agile Professionals, is a testing ground for those considering entering the field of agile project management. Passing the test is your first step in becoming an internationally recognized certified agile project manager (ACP). In order to do so, you’ll need to study and practice specifically to achieve passing scores on both the concepts portion of the test and also your knowledge of agile project management itself. Read this article to help you prepare yourself and increase your odds of passing on your first try.

Why should you care about this exam?

Do you have a passion for project management and want to advance your career? The AgilePM Foundation Certificate will help you do just that. This exam is for those who are looking for an introduction into the world of agile project management, with no prior experience needed. Once you pass this certification, it will give you a solid foundation in agile project management, giving you confidence in taking on any new opportunities that come your way!

Preparation Tips

Passing the foundation exam is not easy. But with a little preparation, you can increase your odds of success. Here are five tips for passing that will also help you prepare for other PMI-related exams:
1) Take your time and don’t hurry through any section of the study guide. 2) Read each question twice before answering it, once to get an idea of what the question is asking, and then again to answer it. 3) Review all questions before answering them in order to become familiar with all terminology and acronyms used in the test so that you won’t have that one moment when you miss something important because you were distracted by a new word or acronym.

How to study?

To help you get ready for your exam, here are a few tips on how to study for your agilepm foundation certificate. First, spend some time studying where agilepm falls in the project management spectrum. You may want to think about what you want out of this course and whether or not it aligns with your professional goals. Then, consider how much time you have. The more time you give yourself, the better prepared you’ll be. Next, make sure that you’re maximizing all of your study time by using proven techniques like reading comprehension and highlighting important passages in textbooks and articles. Finally, set goals for each day’s worth of studying so that you can measure your progress and stay motivated!

What are the requirements for taking the exam?

The foundation certificate is for PMs who would like to work in an agile environment. In order for you to take this exam, you need to be able to answer yes when asked whether or not you have a high school diploma. There are no formal education requirements. The exams are offered at various locations in many countries, and they can be taken online or in person. You will need your identification card, a pencil and paper (or notepad), and an internet connection if taking the exam online.

How long does it take?

It takes a total of eight hours, including two hours of preparation before the exam. The exam consists of 60 questions and an optional 10-minute break. There is no time limit for taking the exam, so take your time and do not rush. You must get 55% or higher to pass, so avoid clicking submit until you are sure that all questions have been answered correctly.

Tips for Success in AgilePM Foundation Certification Exam

1. Go Through the AgilePM Foundation Syllabus

This sounds like an exposed tip, but it is easy to overlook. It is well worth downloading the syllabus and using this to guide your revision. The syllabus is divided into learning areas and particular topics that fall within the scope of the AgilePM Foundation exam.

Go through each one, transfer it back to your subject material, and pay particular notice to any gaps in your knowledge. It is also fundamental to note that the syllabus covers some topics that are not explicitly covered in the core modules to require extra revision.

2. Be Selfish: Allow Time to Prepare

Proper planning is essential, and it is worth blocking out more time in your diary than you think you will need. When there is a project change, it would be fascinating to cancel your planned revision.

Where possible, it is an outstanding idea to attend an AgilePM Foundation Preparations. This will help you understand the structure and format of the AgilePM Foundation exam and identify weak areas to focus on and accelerate your revision. It acts as a valuable catalyst to concentrate your edit, so be sure to plan sufficient reflection time after the session.

3. Take Advantage of Online AgilePM Foundation Exam Simulators

The online practice exams test the applicant with questions that follow the same format as the actual AgilePM Foundation exam. They also intend to replicate the exam environment to become comfortable with the timing and pressure. They are an excellent method to gauge your level of preparation.

Why get Certified in AgilePM with Ezyskill?

Ezyskills is an award-winning online training provider with an extensive library of project management courses. We work with Agile experts to deliver courses that prepare students not only for certification exams but also daily tasks and careers. With the free Ezyskills, our courses can be accessed from any web-enabled device, making it easy for candidates to study any time, anywhere.

Our AgilePM courses come with a range of e-learning assets, including knowledge checks, practice exams, and instructor-led videos. Our support team is fully qualified to answer questions on frameworks and course content and can also offer vouchers to let candidates sit exams FREE of charge. If a student fails an exam, they can also enjoy free resits via Exam Pledge.

Where do I register for this exam?

Are you looking for a way to prove your knowledge and skills in agile project management? When you register for the AgilePM foundation certificate, you will get two attempts at passing the exam. All of your preparation costs are included in this price, which saves you time and money because there is no need to study on your own. This course is available online and gives you an edge over other students who must use hard copies that don’t always arrive in time or can be lost or stolen. Be sure not to wait too long because enrollment starts closing down! Sign up today before it’s too late!

Where can I learn more about this certification and curriculum?

The AgilePM Foundation Course is for experienced project managers and stakeholders who want to gain an understanding of project management, process, tools and principles. Our curriculum is vendor-neutral but teaches Scrum as the primary method in Agile environments.
Participants learn project management basics as well as all knowledge areas in the PMBOK, will study basic coding and scripting languages, such as Python and Ruby, learn Kanban techniques, use metrics extensively and more. At the end of this 3-week intensive course participants will have covered over 150 hours of quality material that should be enough for them to take a PMI certification exam immediately following completion.


Congratulations! You now have what it takes to pass the exam and go on to be certified as an agile project manager. The next step is to study up and take the exam, so that you can get your certification. The exam is a computer-based test and will take 2 hours, with a break in between for lunch. On test day, dress in comfortable clothes and arrive early (30 minutes) before your scheduled start time. Bring two forms of ID and bring a snack or water bottle with you as well. We hope you found this guide useful; we’re wishing you good luck on your journey towards becoming certified as an agile project manager!


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