The Secret To Making The Most Of Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training is not just about learning and teaching asanas. You also get a chance to understand deeper yogic techniques like Mantra chanting, Pranayama, and Meditation among others. Enrolling in a certified yoga school helps you learn the subtle aspects of yoga under highly experienced yoga teachers.

However, remember that becoming a certified yoga teacher requires you to do a lot of research. You need to find out not only about the yoga school’s certification, the lead teacher’s qualification, and above all the yoga teacher training syllabus. This gives you an idea if a particular yoga school is worth the time and efforts or not. Yoga experts have come up with some questions you should ask before enrolling in a yoga school.

Questions To Ask About Yoga Teacher Training

To help you choose the right yoga school, yoga experts have come up with five questions you should ask from the staff.

1. How Many Contact Hours Would I Get?

The contact hours refers to the number of hours you get to spend with the lead teacher or the professional appointed by the yoga school. For example, if you enroll in a 200 hour YTT program, you would get 200 hours of face-to-face sessions with the lead teacher.

There are yoga schools that count your homework time as a part of the course duration. Therefore, make sure there is enough time for you to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga.

2.How Many Students Would Be Present In A Class?

Remember, the size of yoga class plays a vital role in how much yoga knowledge you would acquire from the yoga teacher training. You would go under tremendous mental and physical changes during the yoga teacher training as there is a lot to learn.

If the size of the yoga class has more than 20 students, it might get a bit hard for the teacher to focus on each student. Yoga experts recommend you search for the best yoga schools In India as they organize yoga classes with a medium student strength.

3.What Does Yoga Teacher Training The Syllabus Cover?

As someone who is interested in taking up yoga as a full-time career, you know that yoga is a vast subject. This ancient art has a lot to provide including its history, origins, and lessons on anatomy of the human body. Therefore, you must ask the yoga school’s staff about the teacher training syllabus.

Make sure you ask for details about the topics the yoga teacher training covers. It should resonate with what you have in mind.

4. Who Will Be Teaching? What Will They Teach?

It has become a common practice for yoga schools to employ different yoga teachers for different subjects. Even if the yoga school has chosen the best yoga teachers, you should ask about their expertise and yoga teaching experience.

You can ask about the reason behind hiring of multiple teachers. This gives you an idea about who would be covering what aspect of the yoga teacher training syllabus.

If this is your first yoga teacher training experience, make sure you learn some important aspects of yoga before enrolling in one.

3 Important Aspects Of Yoga To Learn Before Your First YTT

Yoga experts have come up with three important aspects of yoga which you should learn before enrolling in an YTT.

1. Asana

The first thing you should learn before enrolling in a yoga teacher training is the physical practice of asanas. Remember, the best way for you to integrate the benefits of yoga into your body is by diving into the physical aspects of yoga. Learning the physical aspect of yoga prepares your body to go into the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga.

2. Correct Sequencing

After you are done learning the yoga poses, you come to realize that all yoga poses fall under specific categories like standing, sitting, backbends, core, forward fold, and balance. However, understanding sequencing is an important aspect of the yoga teacher training syllabus.

Learning yoga sequencing under skilled yoga teachers helps you understand body movement within different planes of motion. You have to learn this aspect to help others practice yoga asanas with ease.

3. Pranayama

The 4th limb of the eight limbed path of yoga is Pranayama. Just as your mind controls the body, breathing also controls the body. Learning Pranayama helps you understand why it is important to practice the right breathing while doing yoga asanas.

There it is! Your guide to making the most of the yoga teacher training.


Want to share this knowledge of yoga with others? You should enroll in a certified yoga school to find the best YTT programs. However, the one thing you should ask for is what the school covers in the yoga teacher training syllabus. This will make it clear if the yoga school is the right choice for you or not.


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