The Most Common Myths Revolving Around Bathroom Tiles


Your bathroom is often incomplete without the installation of tiles in it. Whether it’s the floor, walls, or the shower area, you’ve to depend on this material to make it look attractive. While the benefits and perks of selecting tiles as primary components of your bathroom are many, there are also some myths associated with these. And we certainly don’t like people giving up on the tiles in their bathroom because of these useless myths.

Never to believe myths about tiles in your bathroom

The very first myth that we are adamant to break about tiles or tiling in the bathroom particularly is that anyone can lay them in your washing space. While actually, only the professionals experienced in the work of bathroom tiling in Auckland from Best Skills should carry out the job for you. Their precise action in laying each and every tile flawlessly makes their work incredibly perfect, and this makes even the plainest tile standout nicely in your bathing space. Apart from this, ensure that you’re not believing all these following myths about tiles in your bathroom as well.

  • Cheap tiles mean worst quality — We have a common misconception that if you pick a certain tile that is really inexpensive, it won’t be of good quality, won’t look good and even won’t last long in your bathroom. But don’t you think it’s high time we ended this stereotype and judged the tiles only according to their quality?
  • You don’t get attractive styles in a bathroom tile collection — Most of you think that just because it’s a tile that is destined to be placed in your bathroom, it might not be that attractive. Well, consider it as a plain myth. You can still have some really fantastic-looking tiles in your bathroom and sometimes these can be really distinguished, exotic, and sophisticated.
  • You can’t use the living room tiles collection in your bathrooms — Most of the store owners have a separate collection of tiles categorized for different types of rooms. But this certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t pick the tiles from the living room or kitchen backsplash collection. The same kind of tiles can actually be used to adorn your entire house and look wonderful too.
  • Bathroom tiles can never be as stylish as paints — Paints look wonderful in all kinds of rooms, even in bathrooms. But this doesn’t mean that tiles can’t have the same charm and Midas touch. In fact, all the expert designers would recommend you opt for tiles in your bathroom rather than going for the paints.
  • Bathroom tiles are always slippery — Yes, we know lots of accidents do happen in the bathrooms. But the culprit here might not only be your tiles. Sometimes the excess amount of moisture and even soap can be the reason behind it. If you pick the bathroom tiles wisely, you will find lots of options under non-slippery bathroom tiles.

These myths have no basis whatsoever in the practical world. So, if you are believing in any of them, we would request you to research and unravel the truth.


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