Teaching Toddlers the Talking Techniques!


We all talk so fluently in various languages today. But you can’t imagine the efforts your parents made behind your speech unless you yourself turn into a parent. Now that you are having a toddler at home and it’s time to teach the kid to talk, the difficulty arrives. We are not saying that all kids show issues while learning to talk, but yes, some of them have problems – most of which can be solved pretty much without ado.

Tips to teach your toddler to talk and have a better speech

Normally, a baby makes numerous kinds of sounds from the time he/she is born. But often forming regular speeches and building language skills take some time. If you think your toddler is quite old and still unable to utter any sound or talk properly, then firstly, we recommend you visit your paediatrician for some suggestions about the same. If they think that everything is normal, then you can try these steps to teach your child to talk properly:

  • Start with connecting to the signs — We have all experienced this — the child points out something with a finger and you pass that item to the kid. Even if the child is angry or happy or feels anything, sign is what they use in the early days. What you can do here is start connecting to the sound and teach your child to speak with the help of those signs. This will instigate your child to use sounds instead of signs and the kid will learn to talk pretty fast.
  • Refrain from the baby talk — Cauchy-coo and purring is cute with the babies, we agree. But if you want your child to speak normally and clearly, you will have to give up these sugary talks. No, we aren’t telling you to entirely behave like an adult with a child and stop relating to and playing with your toddler (it is unjustified!) but being practical sometimes stays essential.
  • Enrol in an early childcare centre — An early learning centre like Blooming Buds is a great source to teach your kids to talk properly. It is a very professional yet educational set-up with the best teachers and caretakers at work to teach and look after your kids properly. When your kid visits this centre regularly, you can rest assured that it is going to be very beneficial for the kid in multiple ways, including improvement in speech.
  • Name items and spell out words — Children do understand and actually are attracted to new words with nice names. You will find them imitating your words just in your style and sound. So, it’s your job now to make them as attractive as you can.
  • Take help from jingles — Jingles, poetry, sounds, and nursery rhymes are considered the best and highly recommended methods to help your child learn to talk better. They will automatically start chattering the lyrics and words in their own version once they hear the sound of a nursery rhyme. Well, that is the reason you will find this technique practised at the kindergarten level – so, even you can.

Did you note down all these steps? Remember, your child isn’t slow or having any kind of deficiency or problem if he/she doesn’t learn to speak or talk very young. Don’t try any kind of medicine unless prescribed by your paediatrician. Some kids take time, and it is entirely normal — and your child is absolutely amazing in his/her own ways. SO, be patient, and soon you shall have a chatty child. 


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