Storage Pockets Wallets and Its Special Features


Smart Materials and Fabrics

You’ll notice an incredible difference wallets in weight and thickness thanks to our proprietary nylon microfiber material that features heavily in our slim wallets for men. Though it’s ultra-thin and lightweight, this material is also durable and water-resistant, making it perfect for everything from bustling downtown areas to the great outdoors. It keeps everything you need to be stored securely and without taking up as much space, so you won’t even have to narrow down your card collection to reap the benefits.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Big Skinny stocks everything from classic styles like tri-folds and bi-folds to more edgy and modern designs like power card cases and RFID blocking minimalist wallets. All of our slim wallets for men feature our very special, super-thin microfiber fabric, but in different ways. Our fabric wallets have a more casual feel and are crafted totally from nylon microfiber. Our hybrid wallets opt to be the best of both worlds, offering a classic leather look on the outside and a sleek fabric look on the inside.

We also stock ID wallets that feature clear pockets for easily showing photo ID and money clip style wallets that take the minimalist style one step further. Our money clips and credit card cases are the perfect wallet for the ultimate minimalist man that loves keeping things as simple as possible. They offer just the right amount of space for small amounts of cash and all of your important cards. These are thin and durable wallets for men.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

Big Skinny is known for maximizing storage space for cards, cash, and valuations. Several of our card pockets are extra-wide and capable of holding at least three cards each. All wallets that feature the nylon microfiber fabric offer water-resistant where the nylon fabric is used. Some of our wallets also feature RFID blocking.

If you need a thin men’s wallet that still has a masculine look, Big Skinny’s got you covered. Each of the wallets in our men’s collection features a cool, chic look that makes you look like a fashion-forward guy.

Why walk around with a bulging square pocket that stretches out your pants and screams, “Grab my cash!” Get skinny with a bifold or trifold wallet that has room for everything you need without stealing all the space from your cell phone. Big Skinny wallets let you keep all those cards you’ve been stockpiling since Blockbuster was in business without all the bulk. Big Skinny infinity wallets are thin and durable and priced so you’ll have money left over to actually put inside. Don’t keep putting your fat-old wallet on an elimination diet. Get a Big Skinny wallet designed to keep itself-and you-looking fine.

FAQ Most Frequently Ask Question

Are Icici pockets safe?

Pockets are a very safe application one can use to carry out their banking activities because All the transactions made via Pockets take place on ICICI Bank’s secured server and not through Facebook.

What is a pocket card?

A card issued by a state real estate licensing authority for each licensed salesperson. Many states require licensed professionals to have the card in their possession at all times.

Are pockets safe?

It’s well-known and widely used, so you can trust that the Pocket app is safe. It’s available for iOS, Android, Mac, and more, and it also has a web interface that you can use in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.


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