Singh Family Scholarship

Singh Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Robin Singh in honor of her parents, Asha and Iqbal Singh.

Robin decided to start this scholarship due to the passion that Asha and Iqbal had for helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds receive a fair chance at getting a proper education.

The award is intended for any incoming college freshman or sophomore who would be the first member in their family to try and pursue higher education past an elementary school level.

Applicants may attend any accredited two-year or four-year non-profit postsecondary institutions of learning.

Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh has lived in Connecticut all his life. He joined high school at Torrington. His education opened up new opportunities for him and his family, which is why he wants to support students who want to get an education or get into college.

He plans to attend the University of Connecticut’s master’s program in business administration (MBA) after he finishes up his bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of Hartford. Jasdeep loves working with children and helping them learn new skills.

Award for this scholarship

One $1,000 Scholarship (must be a Connecticut resident), and one $500 Scholarship (from any U.S. state). Two $150 Secondary Scholarships may also be awarded.


These students will be in their freshman/sophomore year. They are the first person in their household family to attend an accredited post-secondary school for earning a degree or certificate in their field of studies.

Other requirements for the scholarship

​​To apply, applicants will need to submit 4 letters of recommendation (including one academic reference), 1 personal statement (1-2 pages), 1 acceptance letter/transcript, and 1 proof of residency. Otherwise, money will be awarded to the next on the waiting list on 10/1.

Essay Topic

Why do you want to attend college? What is it that will motivate you every day when the early morning gets hard, midterms feel like they’re taking over your life and final exams start to create anxiety?

(Word Count Limit: 1000 words). The best way to keep motivated through your courses is by keeping in mind what is motivating you in the first place.

This could be something related to your career or something more personal like meeting new, interesting people or furthering your knowledge in a particular area.

Remember the main goal is your future so staying focused on this is imperative in terms of motivation in addition to avoiding procrastination when studying for upcoming tests! Entries will be judged by a team of 14-17 industry professionals.

All work submitted must be original, contain no significant publication history and not have won any award within two years prior to the Competition Deadline

Personal Statement

I hereby confirm that the content conveyed within this text has been conceived of by myself, with no assistance or external influences beyond what is explicitly mentioned in this disclaimer which legitimatizes the creation of my thoughts on paper.

Past Awardees of this scholarship

Previous winners of the Singh Family Scholarships have been hardworking, honest students who have inspired so many people through their dedication to excellence.

We at the Singh Family Foundation are focusing on their futures, as well as their respective schools and careers since they are planning important journeys ahead.

The truth is that our first applicants were so impressive that we decided to increase the amount of money that will be granted to them by an additional $300.00.

This money will continue to be granted every year in order for these hard-working students to continue pursuing their dreams without having any obstacles getting in the way along their journey.

Spring 2021

In this cohort, there were members from across the United States and multiple cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Any person with a goal is included in this group regardless of their circumstances or background.

$1000 Scholarship Recipients

Jackson D.    Perris, CA

Brittany G.    Las Vegas, NV

$150 Scholarship Recipients

Fatima K.    Oakland, CA

Denisse P.   Atlanta, GA


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