Sexual Harassment Lawyer Miami: Protecting Your Personal Rights, Privacy and Dignity in the Workplace

sexual harassment by a supervisor

How a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Miami Can Ensure You Maintain Your Employee Rights

As an employee in the Miami workplace, you have the right to maintain your privacy and dignity. You deserve a workplace free from sexual harassment, discrimination, and invasion of personal privacy.

When your employer violates these rights, you have a right to fight back and demand justice. Your employer cannot make any decisions relating to your employment based on your protected class status. They cannot insist you give in to sexual advances to maintain your workplace status. Furthermore, they cannot push for personal details regarding your life outside the office if these details do not affect your ability to work.

Any violations of your rights can lead to an employment law claim against your employer. A sexual harassment lawyer in Miami can help you fight for your rights against sexual harassment to help maintain your dignity and privacy rights at work.

How Does Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Compromise Your Dignity and Privacy?

Sexual harassment in the Miami workplace invades your personal space. It can lead to extreme humiliation and degradation. As a victim of workplace sexual harassment, you may find that your personal space and privacy are violated. You may feel as though you are completely stripped of your rights as an individual in the workplace.

Sexual harassment can occur as a quid pro quo action, wherein your boss promises you advances in the workplace in exchange for sexual favors. As a result, you may feel degraded. You may feel that your dignity is at stake because you earned your advances at work based on sexual favors as opposed to your ability to complete your work.

How Can a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Miami Help You Protect Your Dignity in Your Workplace?

If you face sexual harassment at work, you need a trusted advocate to help you fight for your rights. You need someone who understands Miami’s employment and sexual harassment laws. Therefore, you would not want to work with a New York City sexual harassment attorney.

Instead, you need to work with a sexual harassment lawyer in Miami to help you fight for justice at work. Your sexual harassment lawyer in Miami will help ensure you file your claim for sexual harassment within the proper time frame and in the proper court or agency.

From there, your sexual harassment lawyer in Miami will work with you to hold your employer accountable for their actions that took your dignity and privacy from you while at work. They will negotiate a settlement with your employer early in the process to help you avoid a lengthy legal process.

However, sometimes, your employer will refuse to face the music. Therefore, you need your sexual harassment lawyer in Miami to advocate for you in court. Your lawyer will inform the court of the injustice you suffered at the hands of your employer and workplace. They will tell your story to ensure the court, judge, and jury feel the pain and humiliation you felt while you endured such acts of sexual harassment at work.

With the help of a talented and qualified sexual harassment lawyer in Miami, you will receive the proper compensation you deserve for the degradation you suffered in the workplace. Therefore, a qualified sexual harassment lawyer will help you protect your dignity and privacy at work.

If You’ve Suffered Sexual Harassment in The Workplace, Contact the Derek Smith Law Group.

Sexual harassment at work can destroy your reputation, dignity, privacy, and self-respect. Therefore, you need a qualified sexual harassment lawyer in Miami that will help you fight for your rights. The dedicated Miami sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group can help. Call us at (305) 946-1884 for a free consultation.


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