Setting up a Cable Landing Station in India

Cable Landing Stations in India

A Cable Landing Station is an infrastructure that Internet Service providers can set up to provide an international gateway certainly for the internet. 

As per the definition given by the Government of India,  A landing station is the first point at which the submarine cable is terminated or connected in India. Its primary purpose is to act as an international gateway for International traffic for an ISP. 

In this article, we briefly touch upon the following to establish a cable landing station in India:

  1. Guidelines
  2. Procedure, and
  3. Documents

General Guidelines for Cable Landing Stations in India

Following are the general guidelines ISPs proposing to set up a landing cable station must keep in mind:

  1. An ISP can only set up a landing station in the service area of the ISP License.
  2. Carrying Internet traffic must only use a landing station.
  3. ISPs must not use the station to do anything against the general public interest.
  4. The configuration of the landing station should be as per the details of the application form.
  5. DOT can only set up a Landing station once it has provided the clearance certificate.
  6. The DOT must communicate changes in the landing station as soon as possible.
  7. DOT can inspect the landing station without giving prior notice to the ISP.
  8. The ISP must have all the permissions as per the land law alongside landing station clearance.
  9. ISP license agreement will regulate the transmission link between the ISP node and the landing station.
  10. The Licensee ISP must provide info about all the ISPs connected to the landing station.
  11. The DOT must communicate any change in the topology of the landing station.
  12. ISP must not set up the landing station in a security-sensitive area.
  13. Applicant ISP must furnish all the billing details of the subscribers and send them to DOT.
  14. When the DOT instructs, the ISP must block the internet access.
  15. The landing station must not interfere with other operations of the DOT.
  16. Whenever private participation is allowed, No ISP will prefer to carry voice traffic.

To fulfill the guidelines mentioned above, you must first acquire permission to set up the Cable Landing Station in India. 

Procedure to obtain Clearance to set up a Cable Landing Station

The procedure to obtain clearance – cable landing station process – for a landing station in India involves the following steps:

  1. Above all, Furnishing the required documents and getting them attested by the appropriate experts. 
  2. Secondly, Submitting the required documents with the duly-filled application form to Sanchar Bhavan, Delhi.
  3. Saral Sanchar Bhawan houses the Department of Telecommunication, assessing the application form.
  4. If discrepancies are found in the application, DOT will notify the applicant with the instructions to rectify them. 
  5. Provided the application deals with the issues with the application form and the documents on time. The DOT will issue the clearance to set up a Cable Landing station. 

Documents required for Cable landing station in India

Following are the documents that the applicant needs to furnish and submit alongside the duly-filled application form:

  1. Above all, Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
  2. Secondly, Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. ISP License Agreement
  5. Resolution of Board of Directors stating that the person signing the application is the authorized signatory
  6. Power of attorney assigning the task of application filing to the authorized signatory
  7. FDI Approval Certificate
  8. Demand Draft of Application processing fee (INR 50,000/- per landing station)


In conclusion, To set up a cable landing station in India, one must acquire a clearance certificate consequently from the Department of Telecommunication. To clarify, After issuing the trademark clearance , the ISP must proceed to operate as per the landing station guidelines.


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