Rion RE90 Racing Edition

Rion RE90 Racing Edition

For city dwellers who don’t need a car, a scooter could be a perfectly sensible and enjoyable form of transportation. Because there are so many electric scooters available, each with distinct pricing, power output, and battery range, it may be challenging to pick the right one.

The Rion RE90 Racing Edition dubbed the “Bugatti of electric scooters,” is our recommendation if money is tight and you need an electric scooter but aren’t sure which one to buy.

The Rion RE90 has been compared to a Bugatti because of its top speed, which is up to 100 mph but is restricted to 80 mph for safety. The scooter is created in Rion’s Plant in Los Angeles, California, and assembled there.

The RE90 is the fastest hyper-production scooter in the world and is perfect for scooter fans because of its remarkable performance. The best scooters are those that operate on electricity. They are easy to ride, quick enough for early errands, and portable enough for work. In other words, they’re a useful kind of transportation.

A once-practical form of personal transportation is made absurdly quick with the Rion RE90 Racing Edition. Although the Rion Apex is the most costly electric scooter we have ever tested, it is also the greatest high-speed and high-performance scooter we have ever tested.

What we love about the Rion Apex

  • Controllers for two Tronic 250 VESCs
  • really quick and smooth
  • There is no dead zone with the Rion Curve Throttle.
  • batteries Molicel P42A 72V 30Ah
  • Autonomous braking
  • sleek style
  • fiber-carbon steering pole

Rion workmanship is outstanding

The only rion e scooter we are aware of that is built in the USA is the Rion Apex, which is handcrafted there. In LA, they have CNC aluminum parts, and the handlebars and steering poles are made of carbon fiber. When it comes to design, they don’t skimp and only utilize the best materials.

The Rion Apex disproved my assumption that a scooter could be that stable at high speeds without a steering damper.

Although we do not advise one-handed riding for your safety, the steering column is so well-designed that you may ride at high speeds while doing so. The battery is constructed using Molicel P42A battery cells of the highest caliber, which have never been used in an electric scooter before. Police batteries with a high capacity provide an efficient power supply.

What kind of controllers does the Rion Re90 have?

Two Tronic 250 VESC controllers are included on the Rion Apex. The controllers may peak at 600 phase amps for a brief period of time while delivering 500 amps of electricity. Extreme power is delivered by the controls, and the acceleration curve is wild. The controllers’ usage of VESC technology is its strongest feature. With the app, you can effortlessly regulate the power output and regen braking.

The usage of field-oriented controllers, or FOC, commonly referred to as sine wave controllers make the controllers very quiet and buttery smooth. Rion’s top-notch copper welding and premium MOSFETs are used in Tronic controllers.

Which tires are mounted on the Rion Re90?

The Rion Apex has 11-inch PMT rubber tires, which are ideal for riding on city streets. Since nylon tires are the norm for electric scooters, turning can be a little awkward. The profile of PMT tires is more rounded, and the soft rubber formula provides excellent traction in turns.

Due to the soft substance of PMT tires, you will go through a lot more tires, but you will have better control over them.

Which throttle is used on the Rion Re90?

The Rion-exclusive Curve thumb wheel throttle is available on the Apex. The Rion Curve utilizes the same technologies as Da Vinci surgical equipment. Rion’s curve possesses the precise accuracy required for robot-assisted surgery, which is why it is so smooth.

You can ride with surgical precision and control when you combine the Curve with the Tronic Controller, and any dead space you could have with subpar throttle products is eliminated. To experience insane acceleration, you hardly need to roll the curve more than one millimeter. It takes some getting used to, but once you do it is a wonderful experience.

What type of brakes are on the Rion Re90?

By simply rolling back the Rion Curve, regenerative braking effectively slows you down while simultaneously using your forward motion to replenish your batteries. With other scooters, regenerative braking may be awkward, so we frequently disable the option. However, on the Rion Apex, it felt quite smooth and pleasant.

You may get exceptional stopping force when you combine regenerative braking with brakes produced in Germany, Magura. I adore using the Magura brakes to accelerate into tight curves after using the regenerative braking to slow down.

Does the Rion Re90 have suspension?

Urethane suspension on the back of the Rion Apex is customized for the particular scooter and rider. The suspension aids in reducing vibrations and maintains stability at high speeds. The scooter is created for fast speeds and sharp turns, thus the suspension is meant to be firm rather than soft.

Rion Re90 comes with a display.

You may track mileage traveled, controller temperature, top speed, and speed. When obtaining the Rion Apex, we advise getting a premium handlebar phone mount.

The Rion Apex employs Bluetooth technology to show the scooter’s speed on your phone.

Who is selling the Rion Re90

For the sale and distribution of the Apex, Rion has partnered with Alien Rides. We approve of Rion and Alien Rides’ union. Alien Rides can provide customers with top-notch service while Rion concentrates on building scooters.

To produce the Tronic controls, Rion and Alien Ride set up a plant in San Francisco. Customers may now modify their existing scooters with electronic controls.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic, a product of Voro Motors and Rion, was a blast to test out. The uninteresting Thunder electric scooter was transformed into one of our favorite scooters of 2022 with the Tronic controls.

Regarding The Rion Apex

  • one-month wait
  • Expensive
  • Unsuitable for bigger riders
  • can get too hot
  • Not intended for off-road use

The 6-month production delay and outrageous $6700 price tag of the Rion Apex are its greatest drawbacks. But as my mother always said, “you get what you pay for” and “good things come to those who wait.”

The Rion Apex is a premium product with a premium price since it is a high-performance electric scooter built in the USA, has an original, cutting-edge design, and is constructed from only the best materials.

Overheating occurs when the motors are receiving excessive power, but you may prevent overheating by adjusting the power distribution to the controllers.


Introducing the Apex, the newest hyperscooter from RION and a speed demon made of carbon fiber and aluminum. We have constructed a brand-new factory in collaboration with RION to manufacture the Apex from the ground up. To create the Apex and deliver them on schedule, we have worked hard to obtain industrial-quality machinery.


The Apex has two powerful motors that propel this monster to speeds of 70 mph, and its 84V 30Ah lithium battery powers the whole thing for 40 to 50 miles of high-speed riding. The battery also includes 21700 Molicel P42a high-capacity cells that have been copper welded using RION’s patented technique.


The Apex boasts a moderate acceleration curve without losing its responsiveness or top-end speed since it is outfitted with cutting-edge Tronic 250 VESC controls. Due to the superior RION Curve CNC’d aluminum throttle found on all Apex scooters, users will be able to regulate that speed with ease.

The robust carbon fiber handlebar and stem on which the Curve throttle is attached further minimize vibrations brought on by speed. For this scooter, RION choose to use their preferred PMT tires, which are produced in Italy. When accelerating and spinning, these gripping racing slicks offer loads of traction.


You may adjust ride parameters including acceleration power, peak speed, and throttle curve, as well as monitor all information from the Apex controllers, using the Tronic app. Watch this space for additional details on the Tronic app.








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