Reviews of Beyond Evil

Reviews of Beyond Evil
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Reviews of Beyond Evil is an excellent illustration of how to take a straightforward idea and run with it. This Korean drama is unquestionably one of the best shows of the year. Thanks to the excellent acting sharp writing and multiple plot twists and turns. Reviews of Beyond Evil should come  no surprise.  It  received seven Baeksang Award nominations.
Short story of Beyond Evil
The son of the superintendent, this young detective has a significant grudge. He starts working on putting together evidence to convict Dong-Sik. Because he thinks he killed Yu-Yeon. But  he quickly discovers, everyone at the Manyang substation is a close-knit family and looks out for one another.Could the murderer be hiding right in front of us? Do the police officers have something to hide? Or is everything going on a cover for something sinister jn Reviews of Beyond Evil.
Content / Writing
The narrative is ultimately driving  these questions, which start with a basic hook and extend with some extremely well-placed flashbacks. In reality. The circumstances behind Yu-passing Yeon’s are fraught with drama all on their own. Several times, you’ll think you understand everything, just for the programme to throw you off with a new development.
Summary of Beyond Evil
It’s interesting to note that Beyond Evil doesn’t rely heavily on this particular murder. Instead, the killer is apprehended before the conclusion of the episode. Which causes a further spate of fatalities and seriously calls into question everything. We have witness up to this point. I am  careful not to give anything away but suffice it to say that the truth is not completely show for everyone to see until episode 15.
It is actually rather surprising that the series adds layers of twists while still making sure there are no plot holes left behind  how straightforward the story is. Every single character has an excuse for their whereabouts, a reason  there and – most crucially – a reason to kill. In fact, there were once as many as eight suspects
Reviews of Beyond Evil
There are many things that can  state about the acting as well, which is simply remarkable. The two stars, Shin Ha-Kyun and Yeo Jin-Goo, each totally own their parts, bouncing off one another in an exquisitely timed dance. Their performance is very nuanced. And even something as basic as a grin or an extended gaze can convey several messages.The reoccurring theme of laughing is one of this drama is more intriguing features. Although the programme is not extremely funny.
Many of the characters utilise laughter as a coping strategyThis keeps coming up and it is incredibly brilliant how the perception shifts over time.  It is Dong-spine-chilling Sik’s smirk and chuckling under his breath or some fairly benign laughter at a dinner table. What starts out as a tense section quickly becomes poignant. Your blood will boil at the sound of another character laughing. Another one will surely make you cry once the truth is  infront.
Overall Thoughts
This series’ camera technique and shots are very intricately designe. The tale is  an added level of refinement by subtle details like the episode 1 finale mirroring episode 16’s or the evolving relationship between Dong-Sik and Joo-Won. When you start analysing the many scenarios. It becomes rather amazing and observant fans will discover far more than I have in this review.Another illustration of how excellent Korean writing is is found in Beyond Evil. This is a gorgeous criminal drama in and of itself. It is full of many levels of beauty that go beyond the confines of the straightforward narrative.
Reviews of Beyond Evil
Reviews of Beyond Evil is a story of respect, forgiveness, and healing. There are just 16 episodes of crime investigation and character development, with no major romance or montage scenes. Beyond Evil fully surpasses all expectations, going above and beyond anyone’s wildest aspirations, and establishing itself as one of the greatest Korean dramas ever made.
I should start  admitting that before watching this. I had no idea it was such a well-known drama. When I first started watching it on Netflix. One breezy Friday morning, I was in shock to see that Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-gu were playing the two male stars. I assumed right away that the gods had a creature that power combination. They are a couple  in heaven, assuming that is not a spoiler.In between Bengali lessons, work, and free time, I swiftly consumed this play, and wow, do I have ideas! I can see why this has so far been cited as one of the year’s top dramas. And while my prejudice against romantic dramas may have something to do with this, I also really enjoy crime dramas that mess with your mind and inner thoughts.Let’s discuss my thoughts on this situation.
Familiar faces for fans of South Korean movies
Reviews of Beyond Evil takes place in a small Gyeonggi-do town where there have  numerous murders. Our two main characters are Han Joo-won (Yeo Jin-gu). The son of the incoming police commissioner in Seoul. Who is high-ranking despite his youth and Lee Dong-sik (Shin Ha-kyun), an elderly police officer who was downgrading from his initial detective position. The primary suspect in the first serial killings that occurred twenty years ago  the start of the drama was Lee Dong-sik.
The twin brother of one of the girls who was slain. Now that Han Joo-won has arrived, everything seem to be back to normal and females are going missing. Major inner demons plague each of our primary protagonists.This is a genuine police drama, and I adored how little romance was used in it. I detest when things are given superfluous romantic overtones, and I was pleased with this drama. We get our surprises, and even if it moves slowly at first, everything eventually makes sense, and it’s quite fulfilling.
Reviews of Beyond Evil
This show also has absolutely wonderful atmosphere. The drama’s cinematic atmosphere was greatly enhancing the character shadows. That crept up their faces, the way they interacted with one another and the too-quiet surroundings, as well as the music itself.To  honestly, you really dislike both of the major characters at the start of this drama. When it comes to portraying characters that appear to a little unstable on the surface. But are actually quite complex when you get to know them better as people, Shin Ha-kyun is immensely talented. Yeo Jin-gu, who plays our lead, gives off the impression.  He’s a stuck-up jerk at first, but as the story progresses and more information is making available to the audience. We learn that this isn’t always the case.
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The fact that everything was so small-town was something that really, truly stood out to me. The proprietor of the butcher business occasionally throws eggs at Joo-won while it is  looking at as a potential crime scene. The response is then something like You may  an outsider, but you’ve agitated the locals. As a detective with his own unique reasons for coming here, Joo-won, who is wealthy and a foreigner, has agitated the already anomalous tiny town’s sense of normalcy.The performance was incredibly good due of the extremely strong character dynamics between Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-gu. Because  they were merely tolerating one another.
Reviews of Beyond Evil
The fact that everything was so small-town was something that really, truly stood out to me. When the butcher shop initially looked into as a Both the English title Beyond Evil and the Korean title Monster are highly fitting. You won’t take  interest in learning who exactly committed all of this in this play. You compelled to comprehend the psychological implications of what is happening.  looking at each character in the programme beyond what they have done. For instance, the guy played by Shin Ha-kyun is figuratively scarred by what transpired in past.


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