Refine Your Marketing Strategy in 2022 with Twitter Widget

twitter widget

Businesses often look to add new strategies in their marketing plans, which helps them attract more customers and maximize the use of given resources. And hence more businesses are now looking to embed Twitter Widget on websites.

If you haven’t heard about Twitter widget, are looking for reasons to use, or are searching for the best widgets, this blog is a one-stop solution. In this blog, we will be talking about Twitter Widget, the best Twitter widget, and learn some amazing benefits of using it.

What is Twitter Widget?

Let’s start with the basics and understand a little about Twitter Widget. A Twitter widget is a functional block on the website that enables you to display tweets and Twitter posts. 

As most Twitter widgets are compatible with all types of media files, they easily showcase images, videos, and text on the website. 

Various Twitter widgets are currently available on the internet. But for your convenience, we have listed the 3 best Twitter widgets in this blog.

Best Twitter Widget That Can Amplify Your Business In 2022

Who doesn’t want to have the best tools for the purpose, and these are 3 tools that are currently best in that market. We have examined them based on features, usages, and pricing plans. You can find these tools with ease and as they have a user-friendly user interface, you can operate them with ease.

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed Widget is a social media aggregator tool that helps you to collect, curate, customize and display social feeds on your website. In addition, it provides a dedicated Twitter widget that you can embed on your website and display Twitter feeds on the website. 

Within a few clicks, you can easily embed Twitter feed on your website. All you have to do is, collect Twitter feeds using Tagembed, copy the embedding code and paste it into the website’s backend. And as it is a coding-free tool, so even if you belong to a non-technical background or do not have coding knowledge or skill, you can still operate the tool easily. 

Alongside easing the embedding process, it also provides various features that add great value to this strategy. Like, allows you to personalize your widget as per your need under the customization feature. Here you can make required modifications to the feed, for example, you change the font size, font style, background color, and more. Moreover, you have various themes and layouts, so you can select the one that best suits your website’s style.

The widget also allows you to moderate the content on the website, which means you can hide that content that you think is inappropriate or might tarnish your website’s reputation. You can either remove the posts manually or provide particular keywords, so the tool automatically hides posts.

The tool also provides you with various features such as custom CSS, custom CTA and more that add great value and makes this tool one of the best in the market.

2. Smashballoon

Smash Balloon

Smashballoon is one of the most trusted social media aggregators tools, the tool has various recognizable brands under its customer portfolio. In addition, it allows you to showcase Twitter posts from your desired source using the Twitter widget.

The tool provides a responsive widget that adjusts as per the screen size and makes it readable for visitors using all types of devices. 

You can also customize the widget according to your need and beautify your website. We all know how important it is to have a beautiful website, as it not only helps to attract customers but also helps to impress your visitors.

3. Elfsight 


The last entry in this list of best Twitter widgets is – Elfight. Twitter widget by Elfsight is a phenomenal tool that helps in showcasing Twitter feeds on your website. You can pick the source as per your need. For example, you prepare a hashtag Twitter widget, to showcase tweets using the given hashtag. It helps to make your website more interactive. And as the feed refreshes automatically, your visitor gets to see all the recent updates from the provided hashtags. 

The tool provides you with various templates for your widget, and you can select the one that you think can amplify the charm of your website. For example, you have a sidebar widget that you can add anywhere on the screen. Hence you can use it to showcase the social proof of your products. With this, your visitors get to know about the product and its social proofs all in one place.

Importance of Embedding Twitter Widget on Website

So, now you know about Twitter widgets and various tools. Here we will be discussing some major advantages of the strategy to embed Twitter widget on websites.

  • Makes the website more engaging.
  • Improves the visual appearance of the website.
  • Provides social proof to the potential customers.
  • Boost user-generated content related to the brand.
  • Boost the conversion rate.

There are various other advantages attached to these widgets that you can discover once you use them. We listed some of the major benefits above that we think might convince you to use widgets for your website.

Summing it up

Using Twitter for marketing purposes is a smart move that provides great results. But you can amplify the results if you can use the platform beyond its boundaries. So, now you know the Twitter widget, the best tools in the market and major advantages. So what are you waiting for? Embed Twitter widget to your website right now and take your business to the next level. 


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