Pros and Cons of Shifting During Week Days

Pros and Cons of Shifting During Week Days
Pros and Cons of Shifting During Week Days

Shifting is a big task and a lot goes into the planning of the household relocation. From hiring the right packers and movers to selecting the proper route for the transportation, one has to get a detailed plan for this. Even for picking the right moving date, you have put a lot of thought into it. You may want to move during the weekdays or holidays but will it be the right solution for a budget-friendly move.

To set the moving date, you should look at different factors. Like for instance, if both in the family are working professionals then weekdays will not be feasible for them. Still, they will have to pick a date that allows them to prepare a budget-friendly shift without much hindrance. If you haven’t decided on the shifting date, then this piece is for you. Have a read to understand how shifting during the weekdays can be good or bad for you. Here are a few pros and cons that would help you decide in a better way.

Benefits of Moving Over the Weekdays

It is important that we look over the positive and negative parts of the point that moving over the weekdays is good or not. Only then will you understand whether doing so will be good for you or not. Let’s first look at some of the pros or benefits of hiring movers and packers over the weekdays.

Cost-Effective Moving

There is very little rush during the weekdays. As most working people are busy with their office, they don’t opt for a weekday move. If you don’t have work that day you can go for weekdays to shift. The demand for the packers and movers is very less during these days, hence the moving cost is low. Whereas, during the weekend’s demand increases hence affecting the packer and mover charges. As they are not that busy during the weekdays, they lower their charges considerably.

You will see a drastic increase in the rates of the moving company during the weekends. If someone is planning a budget-friendly move then they must look for household shifting during the weekdays that stretches from Monday to Friday. Just hire packers and movers in Mumbai for household relocation over the weekday and get a cost-effective shifting.

Availability of More Options

Weekends are the peak times for the moving companies and during these, you will hardly find any good packer and mover free. They are all booked for weekends for a long time. If you are waiting for the last hour to book the services then you will be disappointed. Planning to book a moving company for the weekends you need to start at least one month early. Above all, you won’t have many options while booking the moving company.

Now if you have to pay an extra price and don’t get too much of an option then what is the need for booking the movers during this time. So, instead of hiring a wrong mover, book professional ones for a weekday move. Even if you want to book them for a weekend move then book them before they are overbooked for the season. When you book movers for a weekday shift, then you will get a lot of options that you can compare and get one for the better rates.

Keep Kids Engaged

On a weekday you can easily get creche, daycare, or schools open. Those planning to move but find it hard to manage everything with kids will find shifting on a weekday to be a great respite. Once you send them away to school or daycare, you will feel relaxed and will be able to cover the packing and moving without any hindrance. You won’t have to worry about the kids, their food, or their excitement. You can completely focus on the move and quickly get the move done before the kids come back.

This idea works well when you are moving locally. If you move intercity then you will have to migrate from the school itself before the move. But if you have a toddler or young kids, you can send them to the creche for the time being. This will help keep them safe from any allergens during the move.

Lesser Rush on the Road

About the rush in the road, you will notice a pattern in the trend. During the peak hours such as 9-11am and 6-7am the rush on the road increases while the rest of the time it is quite dull. So, if you plan accordingly you may not find any problem on the way and cover the distance quickly. But on the weekends, that is not the case. You may be delayed due to the rush on the road but that doesn’t happen when you move at the right time.

Disadvantages of Moving Over the Weekdays

Job Routine Break

If you can’t take a break from your job, this won’t be a good option for you. Even so, you will need more than a day or two to arrange everything, before movers come to the scene. So, you will have to take more than a day for the shifting. In case you are relocating locally that need very little arrangements can be done on a weekend. But if you are shifting intercity with a job change in hand, then you should get the shifting done during the weekdays which will benefit you in many ways.

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Traffic During Working Hours

As discussed earlier, if you need to avoid the traffic, then you need to do so when there is no office hour rush. In the morning, from 9-11 or in the evening from 6-7, you must avoid the transportation or you may get stuck in the traffic. If you have hired a packer and mover, then they would advise you accordingly. All you need to do is follow their lead and work accordingly. But if things are not organized, you may have to face the traffic which can delay your plans. So, depending upon these factors you can choose whether to move over the weekdays or not.


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