Overcoming Burnout With Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda – Every minor or major task in life demands energy. Anyone can be passionate about something in the very beginning. However, as time passes, the curiosity & passion to work harder minimizes. You just struggle to meet everyday life’s demands. Hence, it means you have encountered burnout. Well, apart from the rest, many ways make overcoming burnout easier.

World Health Organization claims that burnout is an occupational phenomenon. Experiencing frequent bouts of stress and anxiety can also lead to burnout. According to yoga and Ayurveda, the stressful effects of burnout can harm your life. So, here are some easiest tweaks that you can make in your life to lessen the burnout after effects.

Steps That Makes Overcoming Burnout Easier

Listen to Your Body

Work is worship, however, work is not life. Therefore, when you get too much consumed by work, you lose the touch with yourself. Hence, you should learn to listen to your body.

Stop when it craves rest, food, sunlight, walk, sleep, or recreation. You can do that by incorporating a meditation practice into your life. Meditation is one of the powerful techniques of yoga that teaches you mindfulness and calming your mind.

So, it is perfect when it comes to overcoming burnout because you become aware of the consequences.

Set Realistic Goals

No doubt goals are important in life. They give you a direction that helps you create a routine accordingly. However, setting unrealistic goals is doing you more harm than you can imagine.

Setting unrealistic goals puts extra pressure on your mind and body. Moreover, in such cases, you end up underestimating the whole situation. Therefore, setting realistic goals is the first step in overcoming burnout.

Take Pranayama Breaks

Breathing is one of the essential elements of yoga and Ayurveda. The moment you cease to breathe, your connection with the physical world is broken. Not just that, breathing has more benefits than just keeping you alive.

Hence, you must learn different Pranayama exercises to calm and control your mind. For this, you can also join a YTT course. It helps you get acquainted with other yogic techniques to stay in your senses.

Eat Satvik Food

Food is the fuel for life. More than that, you should know what to eat and what to avoid. The moment you become aware of how to nourish your body, it becomes easier for you to stay on track. Furthermore, it also keeps burnout at stake.

So, you should get a hold of different kinds of diets. Learning which food is going to affect your mood and mind will help you a lot. Some food removes toxins from your body. So, including such food into your life helps in overcoming burnout.

Connect With Nature

Most people spend time sitting in front of a PC. This harms your physical as well as mental health. So, you must reconnect with nature. Take some time out to go on walks in the lap of nature.

Spending time in nature is one of the best things when it comes to overcoming burnout. Expert yoga practitioners recommend that you must practice meditation daily. Moreover, complement it with a long walk in silent and peaceful surroundings.

Set a Sleep Routine

Are you being a night owl? If so, it will disrupt your sleeping routine. Therefore, you must set a sleeping routine if you want to overcome burnout. In yoga, various techniques like sleep meditation heal your sleep routine.

When you hop in bed, do not spend time using a smartphone. Rather, you should close your eyes, breathe deep, and practice sleep meditation. This not just makes you calm but also improves your creativity.

Chant Affirmations

Affirmations are certain keywords, phrases, or sentences that you speak under your breath. These words have a positive impact on the way you think and perceive life around you.

Hence, affirmations are extremely helpful in overcoming burnout and living an easy life.

In a Nutshell

Getting too much consumed into work might negatively affect your life. However, incorporating various yoga and Ayurveda techniques into your life can reverse the impact. Moreover, you can even start a yoga journey and become an RYT by joining a yoga course to live an easy life.

Whatever you do, make sure you balance your work and personal life to be happy, calm, and conscious of the life passing by.


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