Netflix and account sharing: how it works, what are the limits


Sharing Netflix Accounts – Netflix offers 3 forms of subscription: BasicStandard, and Premium, which plan to open 1, 2, or 4 Netflix sessions at the same time. What does this mean? That with the Basic version you can use Netflix on only one device at a time; with the Standard on 2 and with the Premium on 4. There are other differences, which you find listed below, but for this article they are marginal.

  • € 7.99 per month – 1 device – contained in SD
  • € 10.99 per month – 2 devices at the same time – Full HD content
  • € 13.99 per month – 4 devices simultaneously – content in 4K + HDR
  • Free trial month: in April 2019 Netflix removed (perhaps temporarily) the free trial month for Italy

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This opens the door to a rather convenient scenario for the user, namely account sharing. For example, make a subscription to the Premium version from € 13.99 per month, and share it between 4 different people, so that the cost for each is only € 3.50. The same logic can be applied to the Standard subscription and also to the Basic subscription, but in the latter case, only one person can access Netflix at a time, which places a severe limit on its shared use.

Then there is another thing to know: Netflix allows you to create up to 5 different user profiles, regardless of the subscription. Profiles are not to be confused with accounts: each subscription has one account, but each account can have up to 5 profiles. This further simplifies the sharing of the account, because, continuing with the example above, it is sufficient to take out a single Premium subscription and then create 4 separate profiles, so that each can have their own recommended series and can resume the vision from where he had stayed, without going to interfere with the profiles of others.

However, this system has limitations. First of all, the account, and therefore the subscription charge, is unique. The email address and password of the Netflix account will be shared among all participants, but the credit card to which the charge will be made will remain unique; it will be up to you to divide the costs.

Secondly, but not least, sharing a Premium account between 4 people, or a Standard between 2, basically brings you back to the situation of the Basic account, i.e. each can use Netflix on only one device at a time, otherwise there will always be the risk of cutting someone out.

If, for example, 3 people were using a Premium account at the same time, but one of them was watching a movie on the PC and another on the TV at home, then, if a fourth person were to try to see content from his profile, he would find himself in front of the above message, without knowing who is to blame.

The limit of 4 (or 2) Netflix sessions open at the same time is related to the account, not to the profiles. This means that if a single profile opened 4 streaming sessions together, it would cut out all the others. The advantage of having an unshared Premium (or Basic) subscription lies in the fact that being your account, you will be able to better control the open sessions; that is, you can show cartoons to your children in the living room, while you watch another movie on your PC, your wife one in the bedroom, and the eldest child one from his smartphone.

Let’s put it this way: sharing a subscription is convenient, but you should also do it with trusted people, or you risk more problems than benefits. And if you don’t find anyone to share an account with, don’t worry: for Italy, there are services such as Together Price that come to your rescue. With Together Price you can share the account with users you don’t know. You can become the admin of a group or join an existing one and pay the fee (or receive them from those who joined the group we created). This way you can share the account even with strangers!


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